We Have A Brand New Londonist Podcast: Rabbit And Pork

We Have A Brand New Londonist Podcast: Rabbit And Pork

Well looky here then. We've got a brand new podcast, and we're incredibly excited to share it with you.

It's called Rabbit and Pork, and although it's meaty, this isn't a cooking show. Instead we took that name from London's Cockney rhyming slang, rabbit and pork = talk. It's where we get the phrase 'to rabbit on'.

So what are we rabbiting on about in our debut episode? Delays. Primarily the Crossrail delay — we chat with train-fanatic Geoff Marshall to find out what went wrong. Then we discuss the one part of London that very much was not delayed: Stratford.

To steal the tagline from the recently relaunched Doctor Who, it's about time.

You can listen to the podcast below, or subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher. Or wherever you source your podcasts.

Here are a few links to topics we talked about in the episode:

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We'll be back at roughly the same time next month, as we dive down into subterranean London.

And below is the answer to trivia question we asked on the show:

Answer: the machines were named Jessica and Ellie, after Jessica Ennis-Hill and Ellie Simmonds. The names were submitted by students of Marion Richardson Primary School in Stepney Green.

Featured image: EastLondoner

Last Updated 15 November 2018