This Lovely Map Is Full Of Ideas For Day Trips From London

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 62 months ago

Last Updated 23 May 2019

This Lovely Map Is Full Of Ideas For Day Trips From London

You know what it's like. You have a free weekend, and take the opportunity to get out of London for a bit... visit another city, or perhaps the seaside. Get a dose of country air, or pootle around a quaint village. But where to go?

Meet our new day trips map. It has all the answers, you so desperately crave.

Perhaps Bray and Maidenhead are on your list?

If you know which direction you want to head in, zoom in on that area and see what's around. Morning in a quaint village followed by afternoon at the seaside? No problem.

Chartwell in Kent features on the map.

Or, if you know what sort of day out you're in the mood for, search by that instead. We've colour-coded your options (key below the map) so you can sift museums from model railways.

Have a play with the map. Click on each dot to find out more about it. Every place on the map has featured in a Londonist article or video — you'll find the link right there, so click on it for more information.

We still love London, of course we do, and it will always be our main love. But we can see the benefits of stepping outside it occasionally, if only to renew our love for the capital on our return.

For further out-of-London inspiration, take a look at our page all about day trips. Whether you've got a few hours or a whole weekend (you might need it if you're heading down to Alderney), we're sure you'll find something to tickle your fancy. Think there's anywhere we should be covering as we venture further out of the capital? Let us know.