Big Ben's Scaffolding Has Been Removed From HP Sauce Bottles

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 26 months ago

Last Updated 26 April 2022

Big Ben's Scaffolding Has Been Removed From HP Sauce Bottles
two bottle of the cause - scaffolding and no scaffolding
The limited edition scaffolding bottle (right) is being taken out of circulation. Image: HP Sauce

In May 2019 — with Big Ben* in the scaffold-ensconced throes of renovation — the famous HP Sauce bottles had a makeover of their own to reflect this.

We always knew the day would arrive, though, when the iconic clocktower would shed its scaffolding, and the labels on HP Sauce would follow suit. Now, the time has come.

With no more of the limited edition scaffolding labels being printed, now's the time to grab one of the remaining bottles on supermarket shelves, and preserve this dollop of history for posterity. Certainly, we can imagine it's the kind of thing the new Museum of London would want in its archives.

The clockface under scaffolding
The clock faces of the Elizabeth Tower are no longer under heavy scaffolding — and soon it'll all be gone. Photo: UK Parliament

Confusingly, HP Sauce is insistent that the addition of the scaffolding three years ago was only the second design change it has made to the label in its entire 123 year history. If you search online, there have actually been quite a few iterations.

And if you're wondering what the Houses of Parliament are doing on a fruity/spicy condiment bottle in the first place, we did some research.

*Don't even go there.