The London Music Scene In The 1980s

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The London Music Scene In The 1980s

With the emergence of the New Romanticism movement and daring fashion choices, the 1980s was a defining era for the music. From Bowie to Cobain to Mercury, here is London's 1980s music scene.

Live Aid, Wembley, 1985
Source Vintag
My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, 1988
Source Bfi
The Batcave Club in Meard Street, Soho -- a noted Goth hangout
Source Iramakeup
Jesus and Mary Chain at the Ambulance Station, 1984
Source Playlist Ist
Kurt Cobain signing autographs at the Rough Trade record shop, 1989
Source History of Sound
Guns n Roses made their UK live debut at a sold out Marquee Club, Oxford Street, 19 June 1987
Source This Day in Metal
New Romantics at The Blitz Club, 1980
Reggae record sleeves on the wall at Dub Vendor, Clapham Junction, 1988
Club Hell, Steve Strange, 1980
Source Redbullmusicacademy
Bauhaus film their Ziggy Stardust video at The Roundhouse
Source Playlist Ist
Peckings Studio, Askew Road
Pet Shop Boys in King's Cross
Source Electric Pet Shop Boys
Happy people at the Land of Oz party at Heaven nightclub
Source Mashable
Ska twins, Chuka & Dubem, 1981
Source Rbma
Sir Jules Sound Table at Gossips, Dean Street
Source Rob Baker
Mods dancing to Etta James' Mellow Fellow
Source Tony Schokman
HMV on Oxford Street, 1985
Source Hmvgetcloser
The Asylum Club, 1986
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Debbie Harry, Viv Albertine, Siouxsie Sioux, Pauline Black, Poly Styrene, and Chrissie Hynde, August 1980
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
The Fall in HMV Records
Source Si Wolstencroft
Madonna at Camden Palace, 1983
Source Madonna Scrapbook
Bono, Paul McCartney, and Freddie Mercury. Live Aid, 1985
Source Lost in History
David Bowie, Wembley Arena, 1983
Source London Historians
The stage at Live Aid, Wembley, 1985
Source Vintag
Bowie checks out a fan's music collection in Park Royal
Source Bowiesongs
Boy George
Source Haberdashernyc
Groove Records on Greek Street
Source Rob Baker
Freddie Mercury at Wembley Stadium, 1986
Source Blendergallery
Ray's Jazz Shop on Shaftesbury Avenue
Source Rob Baker
U2, Hammersmith Palais, 1981
Source Old London

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