Here's What London Looked Like in 1967

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Here's What London Looked Like in 1967

It was a swinging time to be alive in London, 1967.

Jimi Hendrix and Twiggy were at the height of their powers; the new Queen Elizabeth Hall was opened on the South Bank; The Beatles opened their Apple Shop on Baker Street; and Carnaby Street was the place to be.

Swinging London fashion, London, 1967
Source Retrogirly
Jimi Hendrix and The Experience's bassist Noel Redding, backstage at the Saville Theatre in London. June 1967
Source Sport & Betting History
Twiggy at the Bertram Mills Circus in London, 1967
Source Theredlist
Piccadilly Circus, June 1967
Source Youtube
Batman making a road safety film in Kennington, 1967
Source Old London
London Bridge being taken apart to be sold in 1967.
Source Rob Baker
Jimi Hendrix in Montagu Place, 1967
Source History of Sound
In 1967 a baby elephant called Gertie was ordered from Harrods by Ronald Reagan, the then governor of California and future President, who wanted one for a Republican party rally. The story goes that when Reagan rang Harrods to ask if they sold elephants, (the symbol of his political party), he received the answer 'Would that be African or Indian elephants, sir?'
Source Londonhistorian
1960s fashions on Regent Street, 1967
Source Newenglandwoodstock
Carnaby Street during the Swinging 60s
Source Museumoflondonprints
Cameo Royal Cinema, Great Windmill Street, 1967
Source Bfi
Source Nika Garrett
The Canada Estate in Canada Water, 1967
Source This Brutal House
London, 1967
Source Lost in History
Two young men in Carnaby Street in 1967
Source Museumoflondonprints
Jimi Hendrix on Carnaby Street in 1967.
Source Historical Pics
Chalk Farm Road, looking south towards the Roundhouse, 1967
Source Hamhigh
Twiggy photographed in Battersea Park for British Vogue, 1967
Source Hauntedbystorytelling
Sonny and Cher in Soho Square, promoting The Beat Goes On. Photo by Jan Olofsson.
Source Theswinginsixties
London, 1967
Source Aucharbon
Painting the Beatles' Apple Boutique at 94 Baker Street, London 1967. Photo by Reuel Golden.
Source Historyphotographed
Schreiber House swimming pool, Hampstead, 1967
Source ?T?h?a?m?e?s B?a?t?h?s?
Portobello Road flea market, 1967
Source Old London
Interior of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, 1967
Source Old Pics Archive
Portobello Road, 1967. Photo by Frank Habicht.
Source Wunderbuzz

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