18 Enchanting Photos Of London's Lovely Christmas Lights

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18 Enchanting Photos Of London's Lovely Christmas Lights
Angel shaped Christmas lights above the traffic on Regent Street
Regent Street. Image: Matt Alexander/PA Wire.

Have you been out to see London's Christmas lights yet this year? If you have, you'll know they're looking as spectacular as ever, with twinkling stars, glowing angels and bejewelled crowns shimmering above the capital's streets. If you haven't found time yet, you're in luck, as we've gathered some photos of them looking fabulous, for your perusal.

Want a closer look at any of them? Read our guide to seeing London's Christmas lights, including visiting them by bus. And if you want to compare to previous years' offerings, take a look at photos from 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

Regent Street

The 45 angels soaring over Regent Street were an immediate hit when they first appeared in 2016 — and now Christmas in the West End wouldn't be the same without them. They're actually a nod to the first lights that arrived on the street in 1954, which were also the first major festive illuminations in central London.

Looking down on Regent Street's angel lights from above
Image: Matt Alexander/PA Wire.

Oxford Street

A Sky Full of Stars is the name of Oxford Street's 2022 Christmas lights — a simple, classy and rather beautiful design which we hope they'll hold onto for a few years yet. The title must be a nod to a 2014 Coldplay song of the same name — although the band's big festive hit that features Oxford Street in the lyrics was of course, called... Christmas Lights.

Looking down on Oxford Street's star Christmas lights
Image: Matt Crossick/PA


Flowing seamlessly from Regent Street's angels are the winged creatures of Piccadilly — inspired by the Greek god Anteros — which may or may not be the real identify of Piccadilly Circus' 'Eros' statue.

Angel shaped Christmas lights on Piccadilly
Photo: Londonist

Covent Garden

Another Christmas light-up that's quickly come to be a classic is the genetically-modified mistletoe of Covent Garden Market. Some serious smooching must go on here every December.

Oversized baubles, mistletoe and disco ball  Christmas decorations inside the Market Hall in Covent Garden
Photo: Londonist

St Christopher's Place

St Christopher's Place becomes 'St Christmas Place' (see what they did there), with a spectrum of brightly coloured discs twisting and twirling above the shopping plaza.

Different coloured round lights hanging in strings above St Christopher's Place
Image: St Christopher's Place

South Molton Street

These icy blue arches of lights twinkling with stars are an Instagrammer's delight (trust us, it can take a while to get a clear snap of this installation) — and while blue's a controversial choice for Xmas decs, South Molton Street's certainly don't leave us feeling cold.

A glowing blue arch over the pavement, with strings of blue lights surrounding it, on South Molton Street
Photo: Londonist/@londonartcritic

Connaught Village

How can you not heart Connaught Village's tree decorations, throbbing with colour as they do? Even better, these lights can stay up till Valentine's Day.

A tree decorated with different coloured neon heart lights
Image: Connaught Village

Annabel's, Mayfair

Never shy when it comes to dressing up, Annabel's in Berkeley Square once again goes all out for yuletide, with this vintage fairground-inspired piece, embellished, not with horses or unicorns, but Pegasus(es). More fantastical than the Garden Bridge.

The facade of Annabel's in Mayfair, designed to look like part of a giant carousel featuring flying unicorns
Image: Annabel's

Trafalgar Square

Dear Norway, Londonist would like to take this opportunity to say THANK You for our annual spruce, and don't listen to the haters who say it looks like a cucumber. P.S. The golden lights make the tree particularly radiant this year.

A shimmering Xmas tree by a fountain lit violet
Image: Londonist

Bond Street

The Bond Street peacocks strut to one side, making way for a dazzling set of regal decorations, taking their cue from the Imperial State Crown. These must've been in the planning pre-September, but they make a fitting doff of the tiara to the late monarch, who lived a stone's throw from this swish shopping street.

A huge glowing crown above a busy street
Image: Londonist

Carnaby Street

It's a Best Of from Carnaby Street, which has been up into the attic and dusted off all its decs from recent years, resulting in an aerial cocktail of planets, 'ho ho ho's and Queen lyrics. Mamma mia Figaro.

Christmas lights shaped light planets
Image: Londonist

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Just under 100 Christmas trees, swaddled in some 21,000 twinkling lights go into making the Churchill Arms London's Christmasiest boozer, and one of the sights of the season. And hark! Do you hear that? It's the sound of an energy provider rubbing their hands together.

The exterior of a pub on a street corner, absolutely covered in white-yellow Christmas lights, Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations
Photo: Londonist

Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

And a happy new year. [FINAL GUNSHOT]

A cinema marquee with: Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals on it
Image: Londonist

Seven Dials

A new display arrives in Seven Dials, in the form of these starburst shapes, which appear like firework frozen mid-explosion. We like.

Seven Dials aglow with star shaped lights
Image: Londonist

St Martins Lane

Close by is St Martins Lane — and whatever you think of it's Christmas lights effort, at least they leave you in no doubt as to where you are.

Xmas lights brandishing the St Martins Lane logo
Image: Londonist

Whitgift Centre

We nipped into Croydon's Whitgift Centre for a spot of Christmas shopping, and snapped these pretty lights dangling over a festive (roller)skating rink. To be honest, seeing as the council is three-times bankrupt, we're just happy there are any lights at all.

Xmas lights over an indoor skating rink in a mall
Image: Londonist

The Old Vic

A red and green glow-up from this historic theatre on The Cut, currently staging another year of Jack Thorne's A Christmas Carol adaptation — and let us tell you, when Tiny Tim rounds off the show, there is nary a dry eye in the house. God bless us everyone.

The Old Vic lit in green with a red marquee announcing A Christmas Carol
Image: Londonist

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