In Photos: London Underground In The 1960s

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In Photos: London Underground In The 1960s

Excitement was in the air as commuters filled the newly rebuilt concourse of Oxford Circus, all for the arrival of London's newest tube: the Victoria line. Go underground and check out our favourite photos from the decade here.

Source Historyextra
Pinner tube station
Source Wikiwand
Oxford Circus
Source Buzzfeed
Selling newspapers outside Edgware Road Underground station
Source Old London
Source Lafilledepaille
Waterloo station
Source Ipernity
Belly dancer on the tube, 1968
Source Retronaut
Ealing Broadway
Source John Smith
Brixton station
Source Urban75
Outside Earl's Court station
Source Buzzfeed
A large queue of commuters wait for a bus during a one-day strike by London Underground
Source Buzzfeed
Piccadilly Circus
Source Buzzfeed
Outside Piccadilly Circus, 1963
Source Buzzfeed
The stark warning from London Underground should you fall asleep on the new Victoria line, 1969
Source Rob Baker
Bond Street Underground station
Source Old London
1962. Note the headline about Marilyn Monroe's death
Source Pinterest
Customers using the new telephones in the ticket hall at Oxford Circus, rebuilt in preparation for the new Victoria line, 30 September 1968
Source Londonhistorian
Tea on the tube, 1968
Source Buzzfeed
Tube travellers, 1960
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3 September 1964: Amar Singh was allowed to pin his badge to a turban after a protest against having to wear the standard uniform hat
Source Buzzfeed
A gent waits for the tube, Piccadilly Circus Underground station
Source Old London
Lego Underground map at Green Park in 2013 shows what the tube looked like in 1968
Source Lissywebb
A secret trial released bacterial spores into the London Underground, 1963
Source New Scientist
Julie Christie on the London underground, 1965
Source Noirish Project

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