Victorian Time Capsules Uncovered In Euston

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Victorian Time Capsules Uncovered In Euston

A hoard of 19th century artefacts has been uncovered near Euston station.

Two Victorian time capsules were recovered from the National Temperance Hospital site on Hampstead Road. The derelict buildings are undergoing demolition as part of the HS2 rail project.

The former hospital, now demolished. Image by M@

The capsules were buried beneath foundation stones in 1879 and 1884. Unseen for generations, their secrets have now been revealed by conservators from MOLA Headland Infrastructure.

The capsules contain various newspapers and journals, along with paraphernalia relating to the Temperance Movement, which promoted teetotal living. The National Temperance Hospital forbade the use of alcohol — commonly prescribed for many ailments in Victorian times — on its wards.

A third capsule, from 1907, is expected to be found in the next phase of demolition.

Contents from 1879 time capsule

Medical temperance journal of 1879
Alliance News from the National Temperance League 1879
Temperance Journal & Treasury – 3 May 1879
Programme for Memorial Stone Laying by Wilfred Larson Bt. MP (Including a donations form)
Band of Hope Review No.221
The Good Temperance Watchword
A pair of invitations to the Memorial stone laying
Coffee Public House News – 1 May 1879
Church of England Temperance Chronicle 3 May 1879
Annual reports (x5) for the London Temperance Hospital 1874-1878
The Rules of the London Temperance Hospital
Letter of invitation to the ceremony listing the great & good attendees
Dr Sydney L Smith calling card- fell out of The Times

Popular Newspapers:
The Weekly Times, 4 May 1879
The Daily News – 8 May 1879
The London Times – 8 May 1879

Contents of 1883 time capsule

Rolled newspaper, held with a twine — unknown date — white mould and small damage to top edge
Blank sheet of paper with three business cards, one of them from Mr Foster from the Weekly Times — other two cards are stuck together but it is visible that one of them has a handwritten note (faded). All very mouldy
The Temperance Chronicle 12 April 1884
Alliance News 12 April 1884
The Medical Temperance Journal April 1884
Tenth Annual Report of the London Temperance Hospital 29 May 1883

All images courtesy of HS2 and MOLA Headland Infrastructure, unless otherwise stated. For more on the changes HS2 is bringing to the area, see our previous article.

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