This Is What London Looked Like In 1979

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This Is What London Looked Like In 1979

London in 1979 was a place of spending cuts, strikes, discontent, mods and punks.

In May, the Jubilee line was inaugurated; the same month, Margaret Thatcher became the UK's first female Prime Minister; it was also the year the first J D Wetherspoon pub was established, in Haringey.

Train guard Julian Hows wears a skirt on his last day in the job, protesting that male staff weren't allowed to wear skirts.
Source Feminist Pics
Sham ’69 – Live At Paris Theatre, London, 1979
Source Pastdaily
Sid Vicious memorial march, London, 1979
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Garbage Strike, London, 1979
Source Businessinsider
Liza Minnelli, Regine’s, London, 1979
Source Thesundaytimes
London, 1979
Source Vintageseveryday
Source Paulwrightuk
At the Hope & Anchor pub in Islington, 1979
Source Classic Alternative
Mark Hamill painting a graffiti wall.
Source Mark Hamill Things
London, 1979
Source Flickriver
Soho Market, London, 1979
Source Mcmorgan
London has changed a lot since 1979!
Source Cnn International
Notting Hill Carnival, 1979
Source Old London
Rubbish piles up in Leicester Square while refuse collectors were on strike, 1979
Source Flickriver
Punks at Sid Vicious (of the Sex Pistols) memorial in London, March, 1979
Source Miepvonsydow
Margaret Thatcher, the newly-elected British Prime Minister, receives Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt on an official visit to London, 10-11 May 1979
Source Cvce
Sting, 1979
Source Photoshelter
Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport, 1979
Source Old London
It seems Boris Johnson wasn't the first Tory politician to take to a zipwire... Here's Maggie at the London Boat Show, 1979
Source Conservative History
Tony Allen being arrested at Speakers' Corner, 1979
Source Bbc
Police clash with protestors in Southall, west London, 1979
Source Newstatesman
King's Cross station, 1979
Source Blue Diesels
Margaret Thatcher elected Prime Minister, 1979
Source News
Bruce Springsteen captured in 1979 outside Hammersmith Odeon
Source Londongrrl
Lord Mountbatten's ceremonial funeral, 5 September 1979
Source Britishnobility
Garbage Strike, London, 1979
Source Businessinsider
Traffic at Victoria on 24 January, 1979
Source 28083135@n06
Billy Idol, singer of new wave pop group Generation X, at the Lyceum, London, with a friend, 6 September, 1979
Source Seattlepi
London tourists in 1979
Source Lovegreatbritain
Mods on Scooters in London, 1979
Source 1970s in Pictures
John Simon Ritchie aka Sid Vicious, 2 February 1979
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Route 273 at Ealing Broadway
Source Megaanorak
Christ Church, Spitalfields, 1979
Source 40630782@n07
U2 appeared at The Hope and Anchor in London. Mistakenly advertised as 'The U2s', they played to nine people.
Source Eric Alper
Joe Strummers handwritten lyrics for London Calling, 1979
Source History in Pictures
The first ever train to run on the Jubilee line to Charing Cross, 1979
Source London Enthusiast
Famous punk clothing store "Boy" on the King's Road
Source Old Pics Archive
Feminist graffiti, 1979
Source Old London
Speakers Corner, 1979
Source Georgkindbom
Marvin Gaye at the Royal Albert Hall, 1979
Source Art My Fire
Punks in London
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Modculture Mod revival, 1979
Source Rob Webb
Greenwich Pier, May 1979
Source A London Inheritance
In 1979, the 'Knifeboard' Horse bus was back on the streets of London for the 'Omnibus 150' celebrations
Source Londonbusmuseum
Hyde Park and South Kensington from above, 1979
Source 19787482@n04
London punk rockers in 1979
Source Old London
Regent Street, London, 1979
Source Flickriver
Entrance to Selhurst Park, home to Crystal Palace FC, 1979
Source Old London
Camden Market
Source Grahamfkerr
John Simon Ritchie, aka Sid Vicious, from Lewisham died in 1979
Source Pu Nk and Stuff

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