London In 1985

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London In 1985

1985 saw Live Aid come to Wembley, with the likes of Paul McCartney, Queen and David Bowie performing. It was also the year of Tottenham's Broadwater Farm Riots. Take a look at the year in photos.

Live Aid, Wembley, 1985
Source Vintag
Pet Shop Boys, 1985
Source Electric Pet Shop Boys
Broadway Market in 1985
Source David
Britain's Steve Jones crosses Londons Westminster bridge past the Houses of Parliament as he approaches the finish line of the annual London Marathon on April 21 1985 Jones won the race with a new best time for the event of two hours eight minutes and 16 seconds
Source Bbcamerica
Source Cnthings
Ladbroke Grove, 1985
Source Johndavies
The stage at Live Aid, Wembley, 1985
Source Vintag
Welcome to Millwall. Entrance to the away end at the Den, 1985
Source Old London
Soho, 1985
Source Mosoho
Mods, 1985
Source Modshoes
Christmas at HMV on Oxford Street, 1985
Source Rob Baker
Broad Street station, 1985
Source 50256734@n05
Commercial Street, 1985
Source Philmaxwell
Michael Caine and Bob Hoskins, London, 1985
Source Meredith Frost
HMV on Oxford Street, 1985
Source Hmvgetcloser
A burnt out house and cars on the Broadwater Farm housing estate in Tottenham, the day after the riot of 6th October 1985
Source Gagdaily
Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Bob Geldof at Live Aid, 1985
Source Cash Drop History
Political billboards, London, 1985
Source Souciant
Camden Lock, 1985
Source This Brutal House
Graffiti in Tufnell Park, 1985
Source Feminist Pics
Broadwater Farm riots, 1985
Source Working Class History
Looking down on Wembley during Live Aid, 1985
Source Vintag
Dead Kennedys, 1985
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Bono, Paul McCartney, and Freddie Mercury. Live Aid, 1985
Source Lost in History
Chelsea roll out an electric fence at Stamford Bridge, 1985
Source Terrace Images
Pensioners' Action Day, 1985 - Londoners were in danger of losing their free travel passes
Source Unionhistory
London, 1985
Source Dazed
Freddie Mercury at Live Aid, 1985
Source Retro Co
Crowds at Live Aid, Wembley, 1985
Source Vintag
Participants in the London Marathon, 1985
Source Run247
The lights of Piccadilly Circus, 1985
Source Creamglobal
Taboo, London, 1985
Source Nymag
1985 Broadwater Farm riot
Source Bbc
Westminster Bridge, 1985
Source Panoramio
Broad Street, London, 1985
Source 50256734@n05
Curzon West End, now Curzon Soho, 1985
Source Bfi

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