In Pictures: London News From The 1900s

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In Pictures: London News From The 1900s

If Londonist had existed in the 1900s, these are the kind of things we'd have been writing about. Numbered buses, the Suffragette movement, the coronation of King Edward VII, Britain's first council estate... there was lots going on.

Womens' Suffrage march, 1903
Source Buzzfeed
Winston Churchill, on his way to the Houses of Parliament, 1905
Source Lost in History
Male and female members of the Womens' Suffrage movement march through London, 1903
Source Buzzfeed
Train bearing Queen Victoria's coffin arrives at Paddington Station, 1901
Source Londonhistorian
Ragged School children waving invitations to their Christmas Party, 1909
Source Ragged School Museum
The Ritz was under construction in 1906.
Source The Ritz London
Selfridges under construction in 1906
Source Davenant
First all-black musical, In Dahomey, was staged at the Shaftesbury Theatre in 1903
Source Londonhistorian
Selfridges opened in 1909.
Source London Historian
Route numbers were first introduced on buses in April 1906
Source London Transport Museum
King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra open Kew Bridge, 1903
Source Londonhistorian
West Ham football team in their first season
Source Old London
This Roman wall was uncovered while demolishing a part of the Old Bailey to make way for the new Central Criminal Court, 1903
Source Londonist
Suffragette Christabel Pankhurst inviting people in Trafalgar Square to rush the House of Commons, 1908
Source Old London
A shoe salesman with a 1.2 metre square shoe shop, 1900
Source Amateur Casual
The first motor coach made the journey from London to Brighton, 1905
Source Mybrightonandhove
Chelsea's first ever league game at Edgeley Park, 1905
Source Old London
Harrods was under construction in 1904
Source Pinterest
Construction of the Rotherhithe road tunnel, 1904
Source Old London
Suffragette Emmeline Pethick Lawrence is released from Holloway Prison, 1908
Source Old London
Britain's first council estate, the Boundary Estate in Bethnal Green, opened in March 1900
Source Municipal Dreams
Fracas outside Buckingham Palace between police and suffragettes, c.1903
Source Buzzfeed
Queen Victoria was born in Kensington Palace in 1819 and continued to reside there until her accession to the throne in 1837. On Queen Victoria's wishes, the title Royal Borough was given to Kensington in 1901, after her death. Source Kensington Chelsea
The London Olympics, 1908
Source Lelalondon
London hosted the Summer Olympics in 1908
Source Newsbiscuit
Coronation of King Edward VII, featuring over 40 regiments of the Indian Army, 1902
Source National Army Museum

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