London's Most Outrageous Burgers

Helen Graves
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Last Updated 02 October 2018

London's Most Outrageous Burgers
This is a burger designed to look like Donald Trump.

Le Lapin A L’escargot’ At The Hyde Bar  

The Hyde Bar at The Park Tower Knightsbridge is selling a range of ‘luxe’ burgers and we all know what ‘luxe’ means – 'a bit silly'. We had a hard time choosing between them to be honest, hovering our attention over a wagyu beef burger which comes inside a bun topped with a square of gold leaf. In the end though it had to be ‘Le Lapin A L’escargot’ which many of you will know means rabbit and snails. Yes. This burger contains snails, Gruyere, rabbit and garlic butter inside a carrot enhanced bun.

The Hyde Bar, 101 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7RN. Price: £19

Ooh la la! The snail and rabbit burger at The Hyde Bar.

The Devastator, Red Dog Saloon

We tried this behemoth many moons ago and came away feeling a little dirty. This one is all about the Man vs. Food style challenge, not so much about the taste. We understand some people can’t get enough of this kind of competitive eating, though, so if it’s your bag (and you’re the kind of person who likes to eat a lot of pulled pork), head on over to Red Dog Saloon in your baggiest trousers. The record time for eating this burger stands at an astonishing 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  

Red Dog Saloon, see website for locations: Price: £22.95, or £27.75 as part of the 'Devastator challenge' which means you need to consume the whole thing plus fries and a shake in under 1o minutes.

Are you up to the challenge? The Devastator at Red Dog Saloon.

The Trump Tower Burger at Blues Kitchen

Blues Kitchen has put this topical monstrosity (see top photo) on the menu as their burger of the month throughout October 2016, right up until the US elections on 8 November. A triple stack of burger patties topped with American cheese and a toupee of crispy golden onions, this looks set to be as nauseating an experience as listening to the man himself. It’s also served with nachos and ‘Big Apple slaw’.

Blues Kitchen, see website for locations. Price: £14

The lamb brain burger at Slow Richie's.

The Lamb Brain Burger at Slow Richie's

This super sheepy number comes from Slow Richie's who sell creative burgers at their permanent residency at Brick Brewery in Peckham. The West Sussex lamb burger isn't always on the menu, so keep an eye out. You'll know it by the homemade parsley and peanut pesto spilling from the side and the breaded lamb brain fritter skewered on top.

Slow Richie's, Brick Brewery, Arch 209, Blenheim Grove, SE15 4QL. Price: £8

Is it a cheeseburger? No, it's a hash.

Cheeseburger Hash at Bad Egg

OK, so this is a burger that didn’t quite make it. You'll find all the ingredients of the Bad Egg cheeseburger (except the bun) included in this hash. The beef, cheese, pickles and sauce are served up with crispy fries and an egg on top. We can't quite decide if this is disgusting or brilliant. Only one way to find out...   

Bad Egg, 1 Ropemaker Street, EC2Y 9AW. Price: £9.50

It's all gravy, baby. A soaked burger from Dip & Flip.

The Dip & Flip Burger at Dip & Flip

Dip & Flip are masters of gravy (take a look at our round-up of London’s best gravy) and their sandwiches come served with a portion of the brown stuff either on the side or soaked right onto the sandwich. You can tell which one we prefer. Is it difficult to eat? Well that depends on how determined you are to eat it with your hands. Knives and forks are provided.

Dip & Flip, see website for locations. Price: £9.95

Hello? Cardiology hotline?

The Donut Burger at Red’s True Barbecue

Will people ever stop putting burgers inside doughnuts? We doubt it. There are two patties here just to er, match the number of doughnuts, plus some cheese, bacon, crispy onions and something calling itself ‘dirty sauce’. This is so wrong you might need a wash and someone to stroke your face gently afterwards.

Red's True Barbecue, 54-65 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3QR. Price: £12.95 plus proof you know a decent cardiologist.

Brainnssss. The burger at St. John Bread & Wine.

The Brain Burger at St. John Bread & Wine

This burger was originally designed by Fergus Henderson and sold at Meat Liquor restaurants in order to raise funds for Parkinson's UK; we're really pleased to see it's now on the bar menu at St. John Bread & Wine. A snack-size brain burger contains lamb’s brain, poached then crumbed and fried, served with finely sliced white cabbage and a caper-studded sauce gribiche.  The lot comes inside a soft glazed burger bun made in their own Bermondsey bakery.

St. John Bread & Wine, Spitalfields Arts Market, 94-96 Commercial Street, E1 6LZ. Price: £6.50