London's Best Ceviche Joints

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London's Best Ceviche Joints

Coya London

Coya might be mainstream enough to have established outposts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Miami, but it's cliched for a reason: exceedingly good ceviche. The tasting menu will set you back a cool 80 notes, but the two ceviches you'll float through as part of it will explain why Coya is as successful as it is.

118 Piccadilly, W1J

Coya London London's Best Ceviche Joints
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The downstairs ceviche bar here, in the foot traffic-hot zone between Pizza East and Dishoom, is probably the first name on most Londoners' lips when it comes to this dish. Their Classic has the sea bass, tiger's milk, coriander, sweet potato and peruvian corn; so far, so great, but the stone bass tiradito is the showstopper, with fennel and soured cucumber along for the ride.

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1 Redchurch Street, E2

Andina London's Best Ceviche Joints
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Andina London's Best Ceviche Joints
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The Palomar

The Palomar is a superb sharing plate-focused restaurant just around the corner from the Book of Mormon, with a fascinating middle eastern-inspired menu. For a special, though, they are given to busting out a citrus-bathed prawn ceviche which never disappoints. Perch at the bar, order a couple and see if you can share them.

34 Rupert Street, W1D

The Palomar London's Best Ceviche Joints
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A 92 year-old Ecuadorian grandmother is the power centre of this tidy little joint, with a lifetime of recipe-honing behind her. Said matriarch - Mama León - puts together a chef's selection ceviche, which is pretty darn special. The lentil stew is pretty great too, while you're there.

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16a St Anne's Court, W1F

Tostado London's Best Ceviche Joints
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Señor Ceviche

Clue's in the title, folks - these guys are masters of citrus-cured seafood across the board. The short, simple menu includes some treats from the Peruvian barbecue, but the ceviche is irresistible - particularly the nikkei ceviche, which marries yellowfin tuna, sea bass, tiger's milk, yuzu and a langoustine cracker. 

A second Charlotte Street site is open now - visit the website for further details. 

Kingly Court, W1B

Señor Ceviche London's Best Ceviche Joints
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There's something for everyone in this versatile Clapham spot: gluten-free food, pumping ballads, a charcoal grill and an esoteric alcohol selection. Their ceviche game is on point too, with a cheeky dash of pisco sorbet making all the difference. The set menu options are a fine way to spend an evening.

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44-48 Clapham High Street, SW4

Mommi London's Best Ceviche Joints
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Morito Hackney Road

London hit the jackpot the day Clark, Sainsbury, Hodges and co decided to bring moorish cuisine to Exmouth Market in their own inimitable style, at Moro. Hackney was blessed with its own version - Morito - last year, and its bonito ceviche is just one of a number of spectacular dishes that marry punchy flavour with health and vitality.

195 Hackney Road, E2

Morito Hackney Road London's Best Ceviche Joints
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