London Has Two Of The World's 50 Top Restaurants Apparently

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 23 months ago

Last Updated 20 July 2022

London Has Two Of The World's 50 Top Restaurants Apparently
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Image: zoli2003 on Pixabay

London's got two of the world's top 50 restaurants, according to the aptly-named World's 50 Best Restaurants awards, held earlier this week.

Isaac McHale's modern British joint The Clove Club was number 35, while West African Ikoyi scraped in at number 49, with its 'visionary, cerebral, undefinable, iconic plates'.

Ah yes, 'visionary, cerebral, undefinable, iconic' — just how we like our eggs done.

Truth is, while London is one big banqueting table — groaning under the weight of global dishes to please all taste buds and most pockets — these awards hone in on honouring a certain kind of cuisine for a certain type of clientele. These are the best restaurants in the same way Ed Sheeran is the best singer-songwriter.

And while we'd imagine the food's impeccable at both The Clove Club and Ikoyi (and we'll have to keep imagining for now), when Ikoyi's lunch menu is described as "a reasonable £75", you immediately start pining for the lamb chops from Tayyabs or the loaded injera bread at Adulis.

We'll consume this list with the usual pinch of salt, while looking forward to next year's British Kebab Awards.

See the full list of winning restaurants here.