The Best Food And Drink Delivery Services In London

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 35 months ago
The Best Food And Drink Delivery Services In London
London's best food and drink, delivered to your door. Image: Evelyn Paris

With the necessary increase of food and drink delivery services in London in the early part of 2020, we're beginning to wonder if we ever need to leave our houses again. Here, we've rounded up London's best home delivery options, so you can get everything from your morning loaf to your evening tipple straight to your doorstep. Note that some deliveries are only available on certain days, so plan your cravings accordingly.

Best bakery delivery services  

Bread, cakes and more, delivered to your door

Sure, you *could* bake your own bread or croissants. Or you could spend an extra hour in bed, rolling out only when the doorbell goes to signal the arrival of your baked goods, made by someone who definitely knows what they're doing. We've covered cakes and sweet treats too, so you can get your mate's birthday cake or brownies delivered to their house — or, get them delivered to your house, transfer them to one of your own plates, and pass the professionals' work off as your own. We won't tell if you won't...

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Picnic hamper delivery in London

Order in a pre-prepped picnic hamper for your day at the park.

If you're lucky enough to have a garden large enough for a picnic, or be close to your local park, you'll be pleased to know that there are plenty of pre-prepped platters available for delivery direct to your door. Alternatively, load up the car with your foodie delivery and head for a day at the seaside — the deli-style hampers from Melrose and Morgan make an excellent accompaniment to a day at the coast.

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Afternoon tea delivery services

Image: Brigit's Bakery

Traditional scones, fancy finger sandwiches and even caviar — these afternoon tea offerings range from charming and rustic to eye-watering extravagance (looking at you, Fortnum & Mason). Restaurants and bakeries bringing this quintessentially English tradition to your living room include Cutter & Squidge, Ham Yard Hotel and Betty Blythe team rooms, which even lets you borrow its vintage crockery.

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London's Best Vegan Delivery Services

Image: Tendril

Let a little more plant-based loveliness into your life with a take-away or DIY meal kit from one of our favourite vegan eateries. From kimchee-cheese toasties to umami-rich dan dan, there's not a whiff of Spartan self-denial here — just vibrant and indulgent dishes delivered straight to your door.

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Best burger DIY kits for delivery

Recreate the Burger + Beyond magic at home

Carnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike are catered for in the form of DIY burger kits. Some of London's best burger restaurants are packaging up their ingredients (and their secrets) so that you can recreate some of their biggest hits in your own kitchen — ideal if you're outside the delivery zone for the ready-made product. And again, if you want to pass your tower of delight off as entirely your own recipe, who are we to judge?

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Best DIY dessert kits for delivery  

DIY doughnuts are among your dessert options.

If you've still got room after that burger, how does a cookie dough chaser sound? Doughnuts, cheesecakes and babka (a sweet, braided bread) are among the other DIY dessert options at Londoners' disposal.

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London gin delivery services

Chin chin - here comes the gin

London's awash with gin distilleries, all churning out the good stuff in order to keep Londoners pleasantly squiffy. From Peckham to Portobello Road, many of them now offer delivery of their gins, to save you the trip to the supermarket or off-licence.

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Best wine delivery services in London

Acquaint yourself with London's best wine delivery services.

Whether you've got a one-off event that you need a lot of wine for, or just want to make sure your vino fridge is permanently well-stocked, your wine delivery options are plentiful in London. Some come with expert guidance from experienced sommeliers, while others are ideal for amateurs (we include ourselves in this) who just enjoy a pretty label and a tasty tipple. Cheers to that.

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London's Best Cocktail Delivery Services

Be your own bartender. Photo credit: Andrei Mayatnik/Shutterstock

Sure, you could crack out your cobbler and fix yourself an underwhelming daiquiri, or you could leave Friday drinks to the experts, AKA the mixologists at your favourite cocktail bar. From Old Fashioneds to the Sazerac, these pre-mixed bottles and DIY cocktail kits allow you to really shake-up your evening tipple — no esoteric ingredients or equipment required.

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