The Best Chocolate Fondues In London

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The Best Chocolate Fondues In London
Chocolate fondue at Jaz & Jul's Chocolate House - best chocolate fondues in London
Chocolate fondue at Jaz & Jul's Chocolate House

Here are the best cafes, restaurants and bars in London for warming up on melted milk, white and dark chocolate. Dip marshmallows and dunk fruit into chocolate fondue with wild abandon this winter, then wash it down with one of London's best hot chocolates.

Vegetarian chocolate fondue at Jaz and Jul's Chocolate House, Angel

Chocolate fondue at Jaz & Jul's Chocolate House

This place is a chocolate lover's dream — a whole shop and cafe dedicated to the good stuff. If you're after chocolate in its melted form, go for the fondue, designed to feed two people. It's served with strawberries, chocolate brownie and marshmallows for dipping, placed above a tealight to keep it molten while you munch.  Everything served and sold here (including those marshmallows) is vegetarian — and lots of it is vegan too. Jaz and Jul's hot chocolate also made our list of the best hot chocolates in London.

Here's a closer look at that fondue. Try not to lick your screen, yeah?

Jaz & Jul's Chocolate House, 1 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ

Chocolate fondue at Cafe Godiva, Harrods

Chocolate fondue at Cafe Godiva in Harrods

If it's luxury you're after, head to Harrods and get dipping in the melted Godiva ganache. Choose from milk. dark or white chocolate, and dip croissant pieces, strawberries and marshmallows, all in a somewhat decadent setting. If there are a few of you (or you're having a really tough day) ramp it up a notch and order a chocolate fountain — again, there's the choice of milk, white or dark chocolate.

Cafe Godiva's Hot Chocolixir features in our list of the best hot chocolates in London too.

Café Godiva, Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road, SW1X 7XL

Chocolate fondue at Coya, Mayfair and Bank

The food at Peruvian restaurant Coya has Spanish, Japanese and Chinese influences too, but the 'Chocolate Fundido' is pure Peru, made with melted Ilanka chocolate fondant (Ilanka is a 63% dark chocolate made by Valrhona, offering a rich, but not overpowering, fondue). It's served with praline, and banana ice cream. The menu varies between both London branches but at time of writing, chocolate fondue is available at both.

Coya, 118 Piccadilly, W1J 7NW and 31-33 Throgmorton Street, Bank, EC2N 2AT

Chocolate fondue at The Chocolate Room, Harrow

Photo: The Chocolate Room

As the name suggests, chocolate is king here (although savoury panini are available).  Among the fluffy waffles, traditional pancakes and sticky sundaes on the dessert menu, you'll find fondue. Pick from milk, white or dark chocolate, and select your dipping material from an impressive list; strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, waffles pieces, pretzels, chocolate twists...

The Chocolate Room, 324 Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2DX

Chocolate fondue at Suburb SW11, Clapham Junction

More bar than chocolate house, Suburb SW11 isn't somewhere you'd expect to find fondue — let alone both chocolate and cheese versions. The Belgian chocolate fondue serves two, and is served with marshmallows and fresh fruit.

Suburb SW11, 148 Falcon Road, SW11 2LW

Chocolate fondue at Kahve Dunyasi, Piccadilly

Kahve Dunyasi

You've probably walked past this Turkish coffee and chocolate shop on Piccadilly many times, and written it off as just another tourist-baiting cafe. Well it's so much more. Head inside for pastries, Turkish sweets... and of course, milk chocolate fondue served up with fresh fruit.

Kahve Dunyasi, 200 Piccadilly, W1J 9HU

Salted caramel fondue at Tramshed, Shoreditch

Salted caramel fondue at Tramshed

Alright, it's not strictly chocolate, but it's just as good. If you can look beyond Damien Hirst's formaldehyde cow, this restaurant has some pretty sweet offerings. The salted caramel fondue is served with marshmallows and doughnuts, and is intended for 3-4 people to share... but no-one's forcing you.

Tramshed, 32 Rivington Street, EC2A 3LX

If you're a fan of melty stuff (who isn't, right?), eat your way through London's best cheese raclettes this winter too.

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