Dip Into These Delicious Chocolate Fondues In London This Winter

Laura Reynolds
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Dip Into These Delicious Chocolate Fondues In London This Winter
Photo: Kahve Dunyasi

Brace yourself for some involuntary drooling. Here are the best cafes, restaurants and bars in London for warming up on chocolate fondues with wild abandon this winter. Marshmallows, strawberries and churros at the ready. 🍓

Chocolate fondue at Coya, Mayfair and Bank

Churros de Naranja at Coya

The food at Peruvian restaurant Coya has Spanish, Japanese and Chinese influences too, but the 'Chocolate Fundido' is pure Peru, made with melted Ilanka chocolate fondant (Ilanka is a 63% dark chocolate made by Valrhona, offering a rich, but not overpowering, fondue). It's served with ice cream (flavours change regularly). The menu varies between both London branches but at time of writing, chocolate fondue is available at both.

For an alternative chocolate dipping experience, order the 'Churros de Naranja', and dip orange and lime flavour churros into melted milk chocolate and dulce de leche cream. That'd be the Spanish influence, then.

Coya, 118 Piccadilly, W1J 7NW and 31-33 Throgmorton Street, Bank, EC2N 2AT

Chocolate fondue at Heritage, Leicester Square

Chocolate fondue at Heritage

For a venue that puts fondue at the top of its specialities (along with raclette, seafood, and steak), it's no surprise Heritage does fondue like the best of them. Head straight for the dessert section of the Alpine Cuisine menu for the chocolate fondue — a blend of milk and dark chocolate melted together, and served up with fruit, marshmallows and doughnuts.

Heritage, 18-20 Rupert Street, W1D 6DF.

Chocolate fondue at Haugen, Stratford

Photo: Haugen

New for winter 2021, Haugen is an Alpine-inspired restaurant between Westfield and the Olympic Park in Stratford — think steaks, raclettes, and — what we're here for — Swiss chocolate fondue. You'll need one or three dipping buddies for this one, as it's served for two or four people, and it comes with strawberries, marshmallows, honeycomb and brezel (pretzel) sticks.

Haugen, 9 Endeavour Square, Stratford, E20 1JN.

Chocolate fondue at Kahve Dunyasi, Piccadilly

Chocolate fondue at Kahve Dunhasi, Piccadilly - best chocolate fondues in London
Kahve Dunyasi

You've probably walked past this Turkish coffee and chocolate shop on Piccadilly, and written it off as just another tourist-baiting cafe. Well it's not. Head inside for scrumptious pastries, Turkish sweets... and milk chocolate fondue served up with fresh fruit.

Kahve Dunyasi, 200 Piccadilly, W1J 9HU

Chocolate fondue at St Moritz, Soho

Swiss restaurant St Moritz mainly focuses on the cheese fondues. But sweet-toothed Londoners are catered for here too; buried at the bottom of the 'Fondue' section of the menu is the 'Fondue au Chocolate', a pot of melted Swiss chocolate accompanied by a selection of fruits for dipping. As with all the fondues here, it's for a minimum of two people.

St Moritz, 161 Wardour Street, W1F 8WJ.

If you're a fan of melty stuff (who isn't, right?), eat your way through London's best cheese raclettes this winter too.

Last Updated 20 October 2021

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