10 Things We Can't Wait To Do Once This Whole Ruddy Thing Is Over

Will Noble
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10 Things We Can't Wait To Do Once This Whole Ruddy Thing Is Over

Now pretty much holed up in our flats, we're already looking ahead to the golden times we're going to have once this whole thing has blown over. Here are 10 of them:

1. Start not going to the gym again

How gyms should look. Image: Shutterstock

All this self-isolation is tiring stuff.

2. Avoid Oxford Street

Ah Oxford Street, how we don't miss you. Image: Shutterstock

Like the plague (can we say that?).

3. See Italians in M&M's World again

We weren't as good to you as we should have been, M&M's World. Image: Shutterstock

A quintessential London sight.

4. Enjoy a summer of torrential rain

What June will probably look like. Image: Shutterstock

After a blistering April, of course.

5. Cough on a train without being stared out

Image: Shutterstock

Actually, don't Londoners ALWAYS stare you out if you cough on a train? As you were.

6. Stop telling people to 'stay safe'

Image: Shutterstock

I mean, Londoners don't usually talk to one another, let alone reach these insane levels of emotional interaction.

7. Start moaning about Brexit again

Simpler times

Remember the halcyon, care-free days of December 2019?

7. Become unavailable to our friends again

Image: Shutterstock

"I've got an hour and a half free in March 2021 if you're around?"

8. Spend our last few pennies down the pub

Can't wait TBH

"How much DIPA will this buy me?"

9. Grumble that the next tube's not for three minutes

Pimlico station with a train at the platform
Image: Shutterstock


10 Go and enjoy Big Ben in all its full glory

Image: Shutterstock

Oh for f**ks sake.

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Last Updated 20 March 2020

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