Cool Photos Of London's Street Performers

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Cool Photos Of London's Street Performers

Love them or loathe them, London just wouldn't be the same without its weird and wonderful street artists.

You can see street performers in town nearly everyday: hotspots for fans include Covent Garden, the South Bank, and Trafalgar Square. Here are some of the best.

Solid gold.
Source S Amuse
Colourful Covent Garden.
Source Dbachrach
Source Jbrinkler
It's not easy being green.
Source Travelchannel
Hats off to them...
Source Onextrapixel
The English Gents head outside.
Source Londonundergroundmusic
The English Gents take to the streets.
Source Prestigeapartments
Source Lonelyplanet
Team GB on the South Bank.
Source Arctichysteria
Gandalf looks smaller in real life.
Source Flickriver
Source London Only
Funny face.
Source S Amuse
Only in London...
Source Travelwkly
Dude, where's your chair?
Source B Tyszkiewicz
He's juggling a sword, a chainsaw and a juggling pin, while eating an apple...
Source Stephen.andrew.wood
Oldie but a goodie.
Source Claudeschneider
Crowd-pleasing in Covent Garden.
Source Visitlondon
Street performer in Chinatown
Source London
A Covent Garden classic.
Source Iamsamboy
Picture perfect.
Source Urban75
Charlie Chaplin. Still got it.
Source Mervinkaye
Welcome to London.
Source Busk
We commend the utter Britishness of the unwilling participant's composure...
Source Urban75
I think I've dropped something...
Source Geograph
Source Durbanbay
Straight jackets and suspenders.
Source Busk
Source Lhongchou
Someone's got the blues.
Source Claudeschneider
Fighting for attention on the South Bank.
Source Neverendingfootsteps

Last Updated 27 March 2017