The Force Is Strong With This One: Star Wars Themed Cocktail Bar Comes To Clapham

Harry Rosehill
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The Force Is Strong With This One: Star Wars Themed Cocktail Bar Comes To Clapham
Photo: London Cocktail Club Clapham

Cinephiles, get yourself down to this new south London cocktail bar.

Booze-supremo London Cocktail Club has opened in Clapham, and it's all about the movies. Well it's focused on cocktails — as if the name wasn't enough of a giveaway — with a dash of cinema magic chucked in. In particular, it shows lots of love to two all-time-great films: Star Wars and Titanic.

Sitting under a neon sign proclaiming 'Welcome to the Dark Side', we can already feel the midi-chlorians dancing within us (niche prequel reference, tick). It's not just a touch of neon that makes this part of the bar Star Wars themed. That hexagonal panelling on the wall has more than a shade of tie fighters in our eyes.

Photo: London Cocktail Club

Get your Rose and Jack on down the other end of the bar, which is rather more homely. There the neon teases drinkers to 'draw me like one of your french girls'. Expect to see many photos of people lying down in front of the sign in that pose — hopefully with clothes on. Rumours that this part of the bar is liable to flood and sink down to the Northern line beneath are currently unsubstantiated.

Photo: London Cocktail Club Clapham

The film fun doesn't end with the decor. Nearly all cinema goers from the early noughties will remember Orange Wednesdays — 2-4-1 film tickets for anyone on a certain phone network. Well, LCC Clapham is bringing it back, with a limited edition menu of quirky orange coloured cocktails every Wednesday.

London Cocktail Club Clapham, 182-184 Clapham High Street, SW4 7UG, open Tuesday-Sunday.

Last Updated 19 August 2019