Inside Camden Town Brewery's New Home In Enfield

Harry Rosehill
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Inside Camden Town Brewery's New Home In Enfield

Camden Town Brewery only started in 2010, but the craft beer industry has expanded at a phenomenal rate, so it's had to move much of its production to keep up with demand. Cue opening a new brewery in Enfield, making the same beer just 10 miles of from its original home.

Camden Town Brewery started as result of a happy accident. Its founder, Jasper Cuppaidge, missed his flight back home to Australia, so decided to stay in London and start brewing — as you do. It turns out he had rather a knack for it and now Camden Hells is one of London's most recognisable craft beers.

The plan for this new brewery is to make it home to the mass production of the beer. The old brewery back in Kentish Town — yes, Camden Town Brewery is a bit of a misnomer — will be home to the company's innovative new beers, including the excellently titled upcoming Strawberry Hells Forever. No prizes for guessing what that one tastes like.

In 17 days in Enfield, Camden Town Brewery can produce what would take a whole year to produce in Kentish Town. The brewery is filled with huge tanks where the beer is made. If you drink beer at a pace of four pints per day, it would only take you a meagre 72 years to drink your way through a tank. We asked if we could take a dip in one, but sanitation got in the way of our fantasy.

The new production line.

The new brewery is ridiculously hi-tech, with countless machines to make sure the beer is up to scratch. Our favourite is the beer time machine (unfortunately not DeLorean related). It uses heat and pressure to work out how the beer will taste four months into the future.

Funky stairs leading up to the brewery.

We took a look round on the open day launch of the brewery. You can grab tickets for tour of the original brewery here, and keep an eye out for upcoming tours of the Enfield brewery.

Last Updated 16 August 2017