BrewDog Opens An Alcohol Free Bar In Old Street

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 15 months ago

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BrewDog Opens An Alcohol Free Bar In Old Street

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BrewDog is launching its first ever alcohol free bar, coinciding with the start of Dry January.

The bar has an impressive 15 taps of alcohol free drinks, made up of beers like the well known Nanny State, plus ciders and Kombucha.

The name of the bar, BrewDog AF, is two-fold. On the surface the AF stands for 'alcohol free'. But as any internet literate millennial knows, AF also stands for 'as fuck'. Not 100% sure what naming a place 'BrewDog as fuck' really means in this scenario, apart from the fact that someone in the marketing team thought it was witty and no one else had any better ideas.

The frontage of the alcohol free BrewDog

From the looks of it, BrewDog AF has replaced the Draft House that usually resides in this plush quarter of Old Street. BrewDog owns Draft House, which we presume made the changeover a lot easier. We're not sure how the Draft House regulars will take to their local going booze-free, although there are more than enough alternatives in the area to keep them sufficiently lubricated. And according to BrewDog, this AF bar is just a pilot for now, so in a few months the building might once more see some high percentage beverages run through its taps.

If Old Street is quite a trek for you, but you want to get your hands on those sans-alcoholic beers too, there's no need to schlep across London. Go to any BrewDog and you can take part in 'Drink all you can Jan' — wherein there are free refills on all of BrewDog's alcohol free beers this month.

For many Londoners January isn't just dry, it's plant-based. But don't worry veganuarians, BrewDog has you covered too, at its first ever all vegan venue in Dalston.

BrewDog AF opens Monday 6 January 2020. It's open noon-11pm Sunday-Thursday and noon-11.30pm Friday and Saturday.

Last Updated 02 January 2020