Where To Get Rid Of Your 2017 Christmas Tree In London

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Where To Get Rid Of Your 2017 Christmas Tree In London
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The lights are off, the tinsel's down, and it's time for your Christmas tree to leave the party. But where can you dispose of a Christmas tree in London? Here's a borough by borough guide:


Barnet residents should leave their trees by their green bin on collection day to have them taken away (larger trees should be broken down). Otherwise, take your tree to the recycling centre on Summers Lane in North Finchley.


Bexley doesn't seem to have made any provision for recycling Christmas trees this year — a readymade excuse to keep the party going all year.


Brent residents signed up to the garden waste service can dispose of the tree in their green bin (looks like it'll have to be in the bin, rather than next to it, so start sharpening your saw now). Otherwise, there are 21 drop-off points open across the borough between 1 and 21 January.


If you're signed up to the green garden waste bin collection service, chop your tree up and pop it in there (again, it must be in the bin for it to be collected). Otherwise temporary recycling centres are being opened across the borough for the weekend of 6-7 January only — better whip those decorations off quick.

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Camden is opening a number of Christmas tree recycling points across the borough from 2-12 January. Find your nearest one here.

City of London

The City of London has said it will be operating a Christmas tree recycling service but details have yet to be announced. Check back here.


For the first time, Croydon Council will be collecting trees from the kerbside — just leave it out next to your regular landfill bin. Otherwise, take it to one of the collection points between 7 and 14 January.


Residents with a green recycling box should leave the tree out for collection with that between 4 and 29 January. If it's taller than 6ft, you'll need to cut it in half first. 19 collection points will also be open across the borough, taking trees throughout January and February.


If you have a recycling collection, pop the tree out on usual collection day (chop it so it's shorter than 6ft or it won't be taken). There are also 13 drop-off points across the borough, open until 7 January. After this date, take your tree to Barrowell Green Recycling Centre.

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Your tree will be whisked away as part of your weekly collection if you leave it out on the relevant day.


Between 2 and 12 January, Hackney Council will collect your tree on your normal day (leave it next to the communal bins if you live in flats). Otherwise, take it to the Millfields Depot on the times stated here.

Hammersmith & Fulham

Between 2 and 15 January, Hammersmith & Fulham will collect your tree as part of your normal waste collection. There are also six designated drop-off points around the borough.


If you have a garden waste collection, cut the tree into pieces less than 3ft long and leave it out with that. Otherwise take it to the Haringey Recycling Centre, or one of the six drop-off sites in parks (until 7 January only).


There don't seem to be any specific arrangements in place in Harrow.


There don't seem to be any specific arrangements in place in Havering.

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Christmas trees will be collected as part of your normal weekly collection — just cut it into pieces less than 2ft long and pop it next to your food waste bin.


Christmas trees will be collected by the council, but do note that Christmas tree collection takes place on different days to other rubbish collections — more details here.


Take your tree to one of the drop-off points between 30 December (bit keen) and 20 January — or the Hornsey Street recycling centre accepts trees all year round. Trees will also be collected from your house after 6 January — just leave it outside.

Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington & Chelsea residents can take their trees to one of several drop-off points around the borough between 4 and 20 January. Alternatively, the council will collect it, but not as part of your usual rubbish collections — you'll have to arrange it separately. Details here.


Leave your Christmas tree next to your wheelie bin between 8 and 19 January, and Kingston Council will take it away.


There don't seem to be any arrangements in place for recycling your tree in Lambeth. Why not keep it and embrace it as a year-round houseplant?


Drop your tree off at one of 13 locations across the borough throughout January, or chop it up and pop it in your garden waste bin (trees left out separately won't be collected).


Put your tree out for collection on 8 January, and it'll be collected sometime between then and 21 January. Otherwise, take it down to the recycling centre in Morden.


Newham hasn't made specific arrangements for Christmas trees, but will collect them as part of green garden waste collections, provided they are cut down to a manageable size.


Redbridge doesn't seem to have made specific arrangements, but if you're signed up to the garden waste disposal service, you should be able to use that. Otherwise the Chigwell Road tip accepts garden waste.


Richmond will collect your tree for recycling between 8 and 19 January, or you can take it to one of the five drop-off points across the borough.


Southwark Council's big on festive recycling, with a whole page of tips. But for disposal of your arboreal chum, leave it by your bin on normal waste collection day, or take it to the recycling centre on Devon Street (off Old Kent Road).


Sutton Council is collecting trees from 8 to 20 January — just place it outside with your rubbish (or next to the bin store in communal flats).

Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets residents who have a food and garden waste collection can leave the tree out as part of that between 8 and 22 January 2018.

Waltham Forest

Leave your tree next to your brown bin, or take it to the waste and recycling centres in Leyton, Chingford or Walthamstow. If your tree is excessive in size, arrange a separate large item collection with Waltham Forest Council.


Leave your tree outside with your rubbish on your usual collection day and Wandsworth Council will take it off your hands.


There's no kerbside collection service for Westminster residents. Instead, take your tree to one of the drop-off points.

Last Updated 22 December 2017