Why We Love London

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Why We Love London

We love London — it's hard not to, right? But sometimes, when your (extortionate) rent's due, or you've got your head wedged into someone's armpit on the tube, you need a reminder of why London's so fantastic. Here's that reminder, in photos:

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Views of St Paul's Cathedral
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Everyone is welcome
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Good old TfL
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Nature is everywhere
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It's not just full of buildings
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Because London is extremely honest
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The iconic buildings
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The impressive views from Hampstead Heath.
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You can dangle above the Thames
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Because there's always something new to try
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Because Victoria Embankment is beautiful
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The endless - and surprising - restaurants options
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Stunning sunsets
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Because of skies like this
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There are surprises like this down the back alleys
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Floral Westminster
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Blue plaques point out the history
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Gants Hill station.
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The endless food options
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Westminster Bridge always looks stunning
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Impressive architecture is everywhere
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Piccadilly Circus
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The endless bar options
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Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, E8.
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You'll never run out of culture
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Because of the talent on London's streets
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Soho offers endless photo opportunities (even in the rain)
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It has some spectacular views
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Because things like this happen every day
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Because all you need is love in London (and quite a lot of money)
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Yup, London even looks good in the rain
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Banksy abounds
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Because there's always something going on
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Ravenscourt Park in Hammersmith.
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There's always somewhere new to explore
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Touching wit in Hammersmith
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Bright lights at sunset.
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The British Museum's extensive collection
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Incredible museums
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The City from Greenwich Park.
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It has some amazing history
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Because there's always some amazing street art to look at
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So much to do
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It looks lovely all year round
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Because London has beautiful parks, like this at St John's Lodge Gardens, Regent's Park
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Because of all the back alleys to explore
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Because sometimes it's ridiculous
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The impressive feat of engineering that is the London Eye
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An amazing skyline
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Dog friendly city
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Because people can do this
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Last Updated 24 March 2017