Things We Learnt Snooping Round The Virtual 10 Downing Street

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Things We Learnt Snooping Round The Virtual 10 Downing Street

It's perfectly possible to wander around 10 Downing Street any time you like. Many of the key rooms can be explored in Google Street view.

We took a look around the PM's pad to see what we could see.

The front door is made of metal. Hasn't stopped people posting turds underneath

Blast-proof door leaves no room for a door mat. Note also that there's no keyhole or letter box.

The security in this place is like Fort Knox

A portrait of Tony Blur?*

Most paintings in Number 10 are visible in Street View. This one's been blurred out for some reason [insert conspiracy theory here]. That black chair, by the way, is the original 'hot seat'. The drawers underneath contain coal-burning apparatus to keep the nightwatchman warm.

*Pun only works if you're northern.

Google employs vampires to take its photography

We're not sure how they do it, but none of the mirrors in the building reflect the camera operator.

Subliminal messages outside the Gents toilet

You're being timed! Also, we're a bit concerned that there seems to be a deadlock on the gents toilets.

All previous Cabinets are kept in a giant cabinet

Woah, hang on. Burglars.

If that's a photograph of the Google Street View team... then who's taking this image?

Nice painting of the view from Richmond Hill

Painted around 1720 by Peter Tillemans.

Hang on. Who puts a window above a fireplace? How does that even work?

Most of the furniture is what you'd expect, but we think this table is rather distinctive

The piece is a recent addition, made of elm wood from County Armagh. Apparently, David Cameron 'took a personal role in the design' of the table, which was used for a G8 meeting that included Presidents Putin and Obama.

This is the Terra-Cotta room, which changes its name every time it gets a paint job

It was the Green Room under Thatcher and the Blue Room before that. Here's hoping Theresa May is a Deep Purple fan.

And back outside. We now know, from the first image, that the letterbox is a fake

Last Updated 15 February 2017