London's Best Vegan Meal Kits

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Last Updated 17 May 2021

London's Best Vegan Meal Kits
You can has cheezburger (tacos). Image: Club Mexicana.

Vegan comfort food, meat-free mezze feasts and delicate plant-based dim sum — London just keeps getting more glorious at vegan options, and these are some of our favourite DIY meal kits for delivery.  

A lot of these are regularly changing menus — but if it's included here we've either tried and loved their meal kit delivery service or, in better times, love the restaurant.

My Neighbours the Dumplings — the vegan feast

The Clapton dumpling joint are doing a vegan feast box for delivery across London — and it's a six course dazzler. Some MTND greatest hits are in there, including potato and truffle ham sui gok (crispy rice dumplings), vegan turnip cakes, and sesame mochi — but that's just the current box, they'll be mixing up the contents next month.

Details: £55 for two people, delivery across London. You'll need a steamer basket — they sell bamboo ones to include in your order for an extra £6.

Order here.

Others to look out for: Japanese street food business Rainbo are doing their gyoza for delivery now. They don't do a fixed meal kit, but there's a vegan shiitake mushroom gyoza pack in their (mostly non-vegetarian) range of frozen dumplings. Order it with your choice of their range of pickles — our advice: all the pickles — for delivery across London.

Tendril at Home — weekly set menu

'On a mission to help London eat less meat', is how chef Rishim Sachdeva describes his Soho residency and its delivery service across London. The set menus are mostly vegan — though you can specify if you want that to be entirely — with big flavours, big portions, detailed instructions, and £19 in total for lunch and dinner, with discounts when you book several days or a month at a time. His kimchi-cheese toasties and massaman curries would be a bargain at quite a lot more.

Details: £19 a day a person for lunch and dinner, available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays — delivery across most of London, delivery cost varies depending on postcode.

Order here.

Dishoom — the vegan sausage naan

While you can get their main menu at home if you live within Deliveroo zone of one of their London restaurants, arguably the best — and the best-value — way to get a Dishoom fix in lockdown's via their DIY brunch naan kit. Packages come with the sausages, cream cheese, coriander, the signature tomato-chilli Dishoom ketchup, and three doughballs.

Kits include a DIY masala chai package, a donation to kids' food charity Magic Breakfast for each kit bought, and video instructions for any nervous first-time naaners.

Details: £16 for two people, £6 for delivery across the UK.

Order here.

Club Mexicana — the cheezburger tacos

The ex-KERB traders are doing some of the greatest hits of their as DIY kits, available for delivery across London —  the cheezburger tacos with fake beef mince with queso, burger sauce, pickles and chilli lime salt are our bet, but they also do al pastor tacos with seitan, a 'jackfruit shortrib' taco kit, and a loaded nachos kit that looks as vividly, sloppily messy as you could hope for. And the kits are generously sized, and more about assembly than actual cooking skills — idiotproof vegan Tex-Mex.

Details: £25 for four people.

Order here.

Dirty Bones — the vegan chilli cheeseburger kit

Most of the best London DIY burger kits offer vegetarian options now, and many of them have a vegan one — check out our round up here and head to each venue's website for vegan details.

Dirty Bones, traditionally an intensely meaty restaurant experience, have turned their hands to vegan burger kits now — and are nailing it, cramming it with jalapeños and enough fake cheese to make it as sloppy, messy and rich as the meat version.

Details: £36 for four people, delivery across London.

Order here.

Others to look out for: Honest Burgers with their plant-based patty burger kit, with fake gouda and chipotle fake mayo, Patty and Bun — plant-based twists on their Ari Gold burger and Smokey Robinson burger, with two of each in the kit — and Rudy's Vegan Diner Dirty Burger meal kit.

Arabica — the vegan mezze feast

Hummus, babaganoush, pickles — and spinach kibbeh that make it impossible to regret the Arabica lamb kibbeh. The best route through the Arabica menu's vegan by default, and the fact that their mezze kit's easy to get from package to plate — barely heat-and-eat, more like decant-and-eat — and you've got a lavish but extremely low prep dinner.

Details: £45 for two people, delivery across London, Tuesday and Friday.

Order here.

The Barge House — the New Vegan breakfast en bread

The Barge House's incredible Breakfast In Bread (minus the Barge House's intense competition for a table).

The Barge House's famous breakfasts baked into a bread, without the Barge House's infamous waiting time for a table. Loaves arrive vacuum-packed, freezable, or can keep for five days in the fridge. Of all the options on this list, this is probably the lowest effort and highest reward — just stick it in the oven for 20 minutes.

Their vegan loaf's new this year — sourdough hollowed out and lined with kale, stuffed with cannellini beans, passata, oyster mushrooms, preserved lemons, vegan cheese and green sauce.

Details: £15 a bread, with free delivery for four items or more. The Climpson's Coffee Box comes with two Breakfast En Breads, one bag of Climpson's coffee, a coffee drip and filters for £45.

Order here.

Wild Radish — the vegan residency

Wild Radish's doing a residency changing monthly, and this month's is an elaborate plant-based set menu from chefs Chantelle Nicholson (of Tredwells) and Kirk Haworth. It's relatively complex, so this is one for people who enjoy the prep: the kit's made of carefully sourced component ingredients with few shortcuts, so you'll be turning your bag of linseed into crackers to eat with your cashew cream (created from scratch), and that's the simplest of the courses. Instructions are clear, packaging is recyclable, and the end result's a fairly impressive and substantial three courses that you could, having been walked through it by the experts, probably recreate yourself in the future.

Details: £119 for two people, including a bottle of matched wine (you can opt out of the wine for £20 less) — use code SPRING at checkout for £15 off.

Order here.

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