A (Free) Newsletter For Everybody Obsessed With London's History

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Last Updated 14 June 2023

A (Free) Newsletter For Everybody Obsessed With London's History
Sunset over the Thames - silhouetting Tower bridge
Ready to come time travelling with Londonist?

We're launching a Substack history newsletter: something all-new, covering all things ye-olde. It's about time.

It's called Londonist: Time Machine, and it's a fresh weekly read for anybody with a zeal for London history. Proper, engaging history — the kind of stuff that'll connect dots you never knew were there, and make you go "No way!" at least three times per newsletter*.

At the wheel of the Time Machine: Londonist's editor-at-large, M@.

Sign up below and you can expect one newsletter every Wednesday morning — a historical feature, often anchored around a question we wanted to know the answer to ourselves. Who was the first person to ride on the tube? What did Victorian Londoners think the city would look like in the year 2000? Whatever happened to the Empire Windrush itself? What are the oldest objects in London?

We'll also throw in some topical nuggets. The latest historical news, events you might want to attend, links to the best articles elsewhere, or just random musings about the city's past. Oh, and because this is Londonist: Time Machine, we might occasionally dip our toes into the future too.

What else can we expect down the line?

You're going to get a weekly newsletter full of intriguing historical insights. But we'd love Londonist: Time Machine to be much more of a community than a one-way conduit of words and pictures. We'll be building in conversation opportunities, and perhaps we'll even meet in the real world — if it's something you'd like to do.

If you're not yet subscribed, type your email into the box above, and you'll be signed up to receive our free newsletter. As the community grows, we might introduce a small, optional subscription charge to help cover the costs of bringing additional news, features and membership perks. But that's for the future. In the meantime, enjoy reading Londonist: Time Machine as we delve into London's infinite, and infinitely fascinating, past.

*Not an actual guarantee. More a personal goal.