London's Best Food Challenges

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London's Best Food Challenges
The hot wings at Red Dog Saloon

You order food, it comes, you eat, it's nice, but where's the action? Right here is where, with London's top food challenges. How much heat can you handle? How fast can you fill your belly? And just how much can you eat before splitting open like in Monty Python? Find out with these culinary contests.

Octoberfest Pub

Fulham-based Octoberfest Pub has a few challenges to draw in the hen and stag parties. Drinking an enormous amount of beer from a novelty vessel is one, and another is the double-knuckle challenge. Two slow roast pork knuckles served on a bed of chips with a side of salad and sauerkraut, plus a stein of lager. If that doesn’t sound too bad, imagine a small laundry hamper full of food. If you can hoover that lot in one sitting you’ll get a free stein glass and a place on the wall of fame, naturally. 

678-680 Fulham Road, SW6

Octoberfest Pub London's Best Food Challenges
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The Clapham North

One for the sprinters here at the Clapham North pub. The beast burger is a 32oz sandwich served with 16oz of chunky chips, and may seem doable to most budding food champions. But if you want to get your free commemorative t-shirt and place on the boozer’s wall of fame, you’ll have to polish this lot off within 12 minutes. That’s as long as the average person spends in the shower.

409 Clapham Road, SW9

Red Dog Saloon

Hoxton Barbeque joint Red Dog Saloon will put you on their wall of fame if you can beat one of two challenges. The Devastator burger challenge – 18 ounces of beef patties and 200 grams of pulled pork covered in bacon and cheese, or the hot wings challenge – made with notorious naga viper chilli. The burger challenge carries a success rate of 7%, while just 5% or people can take down the hot wings.  Unsurprising really, given that naga chillis are over 500 times hotter than tabasco sauce.

37 Hoxton Square, N1

Red Dog Saloon London's Best Food Challenges
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MEAT Mission

One of Hoxton’s American inspired meat dispensaries, Meat Mission resides in an old church but brings hellish heat to its triple chilli challenge. A jalapeno-covered burger, a jalapeno-covered hot dog and a jalapeno-covered plate of chips (for a combined 1.6kg of gut-busting heat) must be downed within ten minutes to claim your free meal and wall of fame berth. Strategy is important here.

14-15 Hoxton Market, N1

Porky's BBQ

Porky’s barbeque spot in Bethnal Green offers one of the easiest food challenges – finish off an Ultimate Porky burger, a plate of ribs and six hot wings and get a free t-shirt. But the real challenge is one of speed. The current ‘Iron Pig’ champion did all that in 10 minutes 46 seconds. The fastest time for each month gets a free meal for two, and twice a year the monthly champions are invited back for an eat-off. You’re eating against the other punters on this one, so bring out your competitive side.

Deliveroo now from Shoreditch

2-10 Bethnal Green Road, E1

Porky's BBQ London's Best Food Challenges
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