In Photos: London in the 1980s

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In Photos: London in the 1980s

It was a decade that saw Londoners protest against apartheid in South Africa and cram into Wembley Stadium in support of Live Aid. A decade when the streets of London were scattered with punks and mods, with record shops and rock stars — and today's Canary Wharf skyscrapers were barely a gleam in a developer's eye.

The Asylum Club, 1986
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Margaret Thatcher meets the Queen Mother, 1980
Source Bbcamerica
Brick Lane market 1987. That might not be the genuine Mona Lisa
Source Old London
Piccadilly Circus lacked the digital displays we know today
Source Kisstheskyagain
The BT Tower, 1983.
Source Flickriver
An American Werewolf in London 1981
Source Flickfacts
The Smiths at Dingwall's Club,1983
Source Moz for Every Occasion
Boris Becker with the Wimbledon trophy, 1989
Source Filabrandcenter
New Romantics, 1981
Source Pinterest
Cromwell road, 1983.
Source Old London
1984 advert for Christmas travel on London Underground
Source Lt Museum
Tubby Isaacs' jellied eels stall in Whitechapel
Source Old London
Trowbridge Estate demolition, 1986
Source Chrisdb1
Michael Jackson and Princess Diana, backstage at Wembley, 1988
Source Extratv
Camden Lock, 1985
Source This Brutal House
Live Aid, Wembley, 1985
Source Vintag
Simon Millington's first window display for Liberty of London, 1989
Source Liberty London
A Flexair Dorner 228 landing at London City Airport, 1987
Source London City Airport
Dingwalls, Utramagnetic MC gig, 1989
Source Jocksandnerds
Arsenal goalkeeper Pat Jennings helps water the Highbury pitch during pre-season, 1981
Source Vintage Footy
Whitehall Theatre, London, 1981
Source Old London
Jesus and Mary Chain at the Ambulance Station, 1984
Source Playlist Ist
Members of Madness on Inverness Street, 1980
Source Disappearing London
Inspecting the punks
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
QPR fans marching to Wembley Stadium, 1986
Source Old London
Source Kidsofdada
Wheels Roller Disco, Hammersmith Broadway
Source Old London
Paul Weller & Pete Townsend, 1980
Source Vinny M
Croydon B power station's chimneys - the coal fired power station ceased operation in 1984
Source Daveburt
An elephant boards the bus to Earls Court,1980
Source Old Pics Archive
Queen at Live Aid, 1985
Source Archives
Picketing the South African Embassy, 1989
Source Nonstopagainstapartheid
Aerial view of Canary Wharf, 1983
Source Old Pics Archive
Denmark Street, 1980
Source Coda Uk
Madonna at Camden Palace, 1983
Source Madonna Scrapbook
Looking down on Wembley during Live Aid, 1985
Source Vintag
Camden, 1980s
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Parking ticket delivered by a mounted policeman, 30th March, 1987
Source Bbcamerica
Future site of London City Airport
Source London City Airport
King's Road, 1983
Source Amytastley
Stoney Street, Southwark
Source Disappearing London
Freddie Mercury at Wembley Stadium, 1986
Source Blendergallery
Notting Hill Carnival, London, 1981
Source Old London
Source History Pics
Graffiti in Tufnell Park, 1985
Source Feminist Pics
Tower Bridge from the south side of the Thames, 1989
Source Yourlocalweb
Mick Jagger on the roof of the Daily Mirror building, 1987
Source Hizumi
Anti-apartheid protestors at South Africa House, 1989
Source Wikimedia
Denmark Street, 1980
Source History Is Made at Night
Punks on King's Road, 1982
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Police officers charge on the second day of rioting in Brixton London, April 1981
Source Gagdaily
Women on scooters, South London Rosettes, April 1981
Source Buzzfeed
Peckings Studio, Askew Road
Artists and their families living on Beck Road, E8, 1988
Source Wsimag
Camden, 1980
Source Camdenmarketldn
Michael Caine launches the Poppy Appeal in his own style
Source News Uk Archives
Canary Wharf, 1987
Source Zzapback Photography
Boy on the tube
Source Aucharbon
Madonna performing at Camden Palace, 1983
Source Madonna Power Br
Kurt Cobain signing autographs at the Rough Trade record shop, 1989
Source History of Sound
Darth Vader and two stormtroopers stand menacingly over road works on Oxford Street, 31 March 1980
Source Londonhistorian
West Ham vs Chelsea football match, 1981
Source Old London
Commercial Street, 1985
Source Philmaxwell
Soho London July 1983
Source Eatmorechips
Chelsea roll out an electric fence at Stamford Bridge, 1985
Source Terrace Images
A new DLR train in Millwall, Isle of Dogs
Source Sharon B
Yul Brynner gives his 3000th performance in The King & I at the London Palladium in 1980
Source Rodgers & Hammerstein
Young Mods near Carnaby Street
Source Pinterest
Runners on Tower Bridge, in the first London Marathon, 1981
Source Times Sport
Broad Street, London, 1985
Source 50256734@n05
Members of the Musicians' Union, on strike outside BBC Television Centre, 1980
Source Old London
Looking south from Dalston
Source Chrisdb1
Club Row Animal Market just north of Bethnal Green Road, 1983
Source Londonhistorian
Marvin Gaye in Covent Garden
Source Impossible Cool.
West Brompton Station from the Fulham Broadway direction, 1980
Source Old London
HMV on Oxford Street, 1985
Source Hmvgetcloser
Source Shinesquad
After standing derelict for years, Farringdon Goods Yard was knocked down in October 1988
Source 28083135@n06
Portobello Road, 1980
Source Plemper
Bauhaus film their Ziggy Stardust video at The Roundhouse
Source Playlist Ist
Pensioners outside Margaret Thatcher's home, 1980
Source Guardian
Ralph Lauren opens in London, 1981
Source Ralphlauren
London Wall, looking east, 1986
Source Rstelex
Victoria Bus Station
Source Aceanorak
Isle of Mudchute looking north-east towards Brunswick Power Station, demolished in 1987
Source This Brutal House
Live Aid, Wembley, 1985
Source Vintag
Groove Records on Greek Street
Source Rob Baker
Bermondsey by-election, 1983
Source London Se1 Community Website
Pet Shop Boys, 1985
Source Electric Pet Shop Boys
Reggae record sleeves on the wall at Dub Vendor, Clapham Junction, 1988

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