In Photos: London In 1957

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In Photos: London In 1957

From Brick Lane to Trafalgar Square via Regent Street and Battersea, these fascinating photos show what Londoners were up to in 1957. Celebrities were flocking to the city, the circus arrived in town and Wimbledon Stadium flooded. Take a look:

Brick Lane in 1957 and 2014
Source Buzzfeed
Looking in the shop window of Hamleys, 1957
Source Old Pics Archive
Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller in London
Source Theacademy
The Lewisham rail crash occurred on the Lewisham by-pass line in London on 4 December 1957. In dense fog, an electric train to Hayes stopped at a signal under a bridge and the following steam train to Ramsgate crashed into it, the collision causing the bridge to collapse onto the steam train. There were 90 fatalities and 109 people were detained in hospital. The bridge had to be cleared away and it was over a week before the lines under the bridge were reopened. Source Wikipedia
Millwall vs. Newcastle at The Den
Source Old London
Bertram Mills Circus arriving at Addison Road station (now Kensington Olympia)
Source Londonhistorian
Battersea, 1957
Source Aucharbon
A toddler in awe of the Regent Street decorations
Source London24
Liverpool Street Station
Source Old London
Waterloo Station. Crowd to see Bill Haley, February, 1957
Source Rob Baker
Leicester Square
Source Yesteryear
Sophia Loren in London
Source Golden Age Hollywood
London Battersea fun fair 1957 by John Bignell
Source Nika Garrett
Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott with Dizzy Reece at Decca Studios, West Hampstead, 1957
Source Mark W.
View down Brick Lane, 1957
Source Old London
Trafalgar Square with St. Martin-in-the-Fields behind, 1957
Source Howtobearetronaut
Good old silver trains, 1957
Source Buzzfeed
Tube music, 1957
Source Buzzfeed
In 1957 when I was doing the Knowledge, my partner and I met up with four others. All six of us took off down East Heath Road on our bikes. That is some hill. Soon we were all going too fast and could not stop. One of the guys had an old fashioned bike with a 28 frame and enormous wheels. He was way ahead of us all, whooping and shouting. The front lamp got shaken free and fell into the spokes. He went posterior over mammary, and slid down the hill on his arse. We had to take him to hospital. Source Cabbieblog
Akira Kurosawa, Gina Lollobrigida and Vittorio De Sica at the London Film Festival
Source James Hancock
A flooded Wimbledon stadium
Source Old London
Cambridge Circus
Trafalgar Square
Source Old London
Oxford Circus tube station
Source Old London
St Pancras railway station
Source Old London

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