In Photos: Camden Through The Years

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In Photos: Camden Through The Years

These days, Camden Town is mainly known for its markets and tourist crowds. But take a look at what the area used to be like — some pictures taken before the Roundhouse was a music venue, or the markets even existed.

Members of Madness on Inverness Street, 1980
Source Disappearing London
Camden Lock, 1950s
Source Pinterest
Source Camdenmarket
Camden Town in the 1950s and 2011
Source Warsaw1948
Camden High Street and Parkway 1950s & 2013
Source Warsaw1948
Woolworths store, Camden High Street / Delancey Street
Source Paul Feeney
Camden Palace, July 1982
Source Tmagazine
Chalk Farm Road, 1976
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Dingwall's Club at Camden Lock, early 1970s
Source Camdenmarket
Gales Garden, Camden, 1923
Source Old London
Camden Lock, 1985
Source This Brutal House
Camden, 1950s
Source Old London
Amy Winehouse on Regent's Canal near Camden Lock, 13 June 2006
Source Londontown
Canal Market during the blaze dubbed 'The Great fire of Camden', 2008
Source Hamhigh
The Clash's first album cover in was photographed in Camden in 1977.
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Blondie on stage at Dingwall's, 1979
Source Camdenmarketldn
The Camden Hippodrome, 1910
Source Koko
The Clash in Camden Town
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Sid Vicious, Electric Ballroom, August 1978
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Camden High Street, 1938
Source Warsaw1948
Camden Market, 1970s
Source Museumoflondon
Camden, 1980
Source Camdenmarketldn
Camden children collecting penny for the Guy, 1948
Source The London Sound Survey
Pigs crossing Camden Road, August 1935
Source Classic Pics
Second world war bomb damaged to Camden Town station
Source Old London
The Good Mixer, before it was frequented by Amy Winehouse
Source Rob Baker
Boy George at Camden Palace in the early 1980s
Source Gc's Punk & New Wave
Camden Lock, early 1970s
Source Hamhigh
Dead Kennedys, 1985
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Chalk Farm Road, looking south towards the Roundhouse, 1967
Source Hamhigh
The Smiths at Dingwall's Club,1983
Source Moz for Every Occasion
David Walls, Leigh Bowery, and Trojan at Camden Palace
Source Nymag
Camden Lock food stall, 1980s
Source Camdenmarketldn
Coldplay perform at The Laurel Tree, 16 January 1998
Source Atlas Project
Madonna at Camden Palace, 1983
Source Madonna Scrapbook
Camden Locks, 1995
Source Panoramio
Camden Goods Station, 1940s
Source Camdenmarket
Easter Parade, 1953
Source Tmoms
Camden Town, 1978
Camden Road station. The top photo was taken in about 1928
Source Londonhistorian
Camden, 1980s
Source Pu Nk and Stuff
Madonna performing at Camden Palace, 1983
Source Madonna Power Br
Camden High Street,1938
Source Warsaw1948
The blaze, dubbed 'The Great fire of Camden', 2008
Source Hamhigh
Camden Market was officially opened on 30 March 1974, a brand new Saturday market housing a total of 16 traders
Source Camdenmarketldn
Dartmouth Park Hill
Source Adam Nathaniel Furman
Stables Market fire wreckage, 1980
Source Hamhigh
Camden Council, with Camden's first mayor, Sammy Fisher, 1965
Source Hamhigh
The Bedford Theatre, 1949
Source Old London
Wreckage of the Stables Market fire, 1980
Source Hamhigh

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