Fascinating Photos Of London In 1928

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Fascinating Photos Of London In 1928

The most memorable event in the capital in 1928 was the great flood of London. The Tower of London moat flooded, along with many other parts of central London. Elsewhere, sheep were on the loose in Aldwych, the world's first air traffic control tower was in use in Croydon, and the escalators were turned on at Piccadilly Circus tube station. Take a look.

QPR's Loftus Road, 1928
Source Tony Incenzo Talk Sport
London Underground poster for Smithfield Market, 1928
Source Tim Dunn
The lights of Piccadilly Circus
Source Historyphotographed
The world's first air traffic control centre at London's Croydon Airport, c 1928
Source Croydon Airport
Anthony Asquith filming commuters for his 1928 film, Underground
Source Buzzfeed
The Regal Cinema, Marble Arch, London, c.1928
Source Old Pics Archive
A policeman directs buses in the intersection of Trafalgar Square
Source Mashable
A London bus, 1928
Source History Pics
Construction work on ticketing area at new Piccadilly tube station, 1928
Source Buzzfeed
Spitalfields Market, 1928
Source Old London
London Winter, Christopher Nevinson, 1928
Source Hilary Chaplin
LCC Tramways Christmas poster, 1928
Source Ldn Met Archives
A double-decker bus stops to allow people aboard, 1928
Source Mashable
The city around the Central Market and St Paul's Cathedral, London from the northwest, 1928
Source Buzzfeed
Flooded Tower of London moat, 1928
Source Londonhistorian
Highbury, 1928
Source Old London
Tower Bridge, 1928
Source Old London
Mayor of Westminster turns on the escalators at Piccadilly Circus, 1928
Source Buzzfeed
Sotheby's auction house on New Bond Street proudly counts the 1928 sale of the original Alice's Adventures Underground (an early incarnation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) manuscript as an important part of its history. Passed to Alice Liddell on Carroll's death, Alice was forced to sell it due to financial difficulties on the death of her husband and an American collector bought it for £15,400. Source Londonist
London Underground poster advertising Molesey Regatta, 1928
Source Buzzfeed
A bus and a car
Source Old London
Get to the 1928 Cup Final via London Underground
Source Buzzfeed
A fascinating 1928 breakdown of when people travelled
Source Jack Riley
Crystal Palace, Penge, 1928
Source Buzzfeed
The Thames flood was a disastrous flood of the River Thames that affected much of riverside London on 7 January 1928, as well as places further downriver. 14 people were drowned in London and thousands were made homeless when flood waters poured over the top of the Thames Embankment and part of the Chelsea Embankment collapsed. It was the last major flood to affect central London. This meant misery for thousands of Londoners, although spirits revived when the House of Commons flooded Source Wikipedia
London rain, 1928
Source Fe
Piccadilly Circus Underground station like you've never seen it before, in an amazing sectional drawing from 1928
Source London Underground
Source Tower of London
Putney floods, 1928
Source Old London
Westminster, 1928
Source Old London
Camden Station, 1928
Source Old Photos of London and the East End
Aldwych, 1928
Source Old London

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