Apparently Londoners Suck At Knowing Thy Neighbour

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 74 months ago

Last Updated 08 March 2018

Apparently Londoners Suck At Knowing Thy Neighbour
Look at this stock photo of friendly neighbours. You'd never see anything like this in London.

According to research by the Eden Project Communities and YouGov: one in 10 Londoners can't identify a single neighbour. No, we're not talking about the Minogue spawning Aussie soap, these neighbours are the type that live in close proximity to you.

The research shows that London fares worse than other major UK cities. Just 42% of Londoners feel a sense of belonging to their neighbourhood, compared to 49% in Birmingham and 53% in Manchester. Heck, one in 10 Londoners can't even identify a single neighbour.

The happiness of knowing thy neighbour. A happiness non-existent in London.

More horrifying research uncovers that nine out of 10 Londoners wouldn't be able to identify all their neighbours in a police line-up. Yes, we've all had that same nightmare. You're at a police line-up and can't identify your neighbours. We wake up in cold sweats too. Oh, the shame.

Not all hope is lost, however. The research shows that London inhabitants, compared to other major cities, showed the greatest desire to get to know their neighbours better. So Londoners want to know their neighbours better but they're just too [delete as appropriate] shy/busy/lazy.

Good neighbours plant each others' gardens. That's why there are so few quality gardens in London.

There is an answer. The Big Lunch — which will be held this year on 3 June — is the UK's largest gathering of neighbours. Last year they managed a whopping turnout of over 9.3 million people across Britain, and they're aiming to top that in 2018.

So go on. Get to know your neighbour. Or be forever mocked by these stock photos.