Things You'd Miss If You Left London

Eleana Overett
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Things You'd Miss If You Left London

One day the thought might strike you that life outside London is worth a try (we'd beg to differ). Perhaps you'll think of escaping to the countryside, or experiencing life abroad. Begrudgingly we'll admit it's possible to enjoy life outside of the city limits, but here are a few things you'd miss if you left London.

The view from Hampstead Heath.
Source Jeera
The humour of our signs
Source Thoughtsofangel
Cheeky signs
Source London Underground
Source Buzzfeed
The inability to be bored in a city that offers a range of free or affordable cultural, sporting, shopping and night life activities. Source Mydestinationunknown
The endearing habit of Londoners to approach big events such as the Olympics and Royal Wedding with cynicism and negativity, but throwing themselves into enjoying them when they arrive. Source Mydestinationunknown
The foxes
Source Kei.nakayama
There will always be something to do, that you’ve never done before.
Source Rebeccalouisebreen
That smug feeling of knowing your way in London, when all the tourists look lost.
Source Tedw4rd
Enjoying the safety and accessibility to explore the city on foot while soaking up the atmosphere, character and history of the distinctly different areas. Source Mydestinationunknown
That's just the way things roll on Brick Lane.
Source Pinterest
The buzz you feel walking along South Bank as you soak up the energy radiating from the classic London architecture and landmarks. Source Mydestinationunknown
Having every cuisine in the world as a possibility for dinner.
Source Admunch
The magnificence of the Natural History Museum entrance hall.
Source Travelandleisure
Walking through a crowd of tourists and feeling a bit proud that so many people choose to visit your city every year.
Source Jersey.mrs
All the free things to do
Source Justinkbrown
The parks and wetland centres that provide an escape from city living without having to physically leave. Source Mydestinationunknown
The surreal experience of walking past internationally recognised tourist attractions on a daily basis. Source Mydestinationunknown
London City Airport on your doorstep
Source Levanterman
The nostalgia of London: Abbey Road
Source Abbey Road Studios
The collection of personalities, accents and backgrounds of those that make their livings at the various markets around town. Source Mydestinationunknown
The small blue “…lived here” plaques scattered around town on buildings, reminding you they were once occupied by artists, musicians, writers and other creative souls who were inspired by the personality of the city. Source Mydestinationunknown
Covent Garden's Christmas lights
Source Traceyburfield
Having a really good restaurant, coffee shop, and delicatessen within walking distance from your front door.
Source Samdmarks
Knowing there is always someone brilliant you haven’t met yet.
Source Indigocult
The fact that midweek drinks are kind of the norm.
Source Simonthursby
Random conversations with friendly and opinionated Black Cab taxi drivers who know their way around and are happy to accept the £4 fare from the supermarket to your home. Source Mydestinationunknown
There is always somewhere where you could have the night of your life.
Source Eralpvankortach
Knowing that the night bus is always there to take you home.
Source Londonsapiens
People settle in London from every corner of the world, and everyone adds something special.
Source Carmenescarpa
Photographing the deer rutting season in a colourful Richmond Park, on a chilly and sunny day in Autumn. Source Mydestinationunknown
The council gyms being really quite nice
Source Andrewbunney
Boarding a train for an easy day out in Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Windsor and other parts of the UK. Source Mydestinationunknown
Feeling like you are where it is all happening
Source Freyafruit94
The shopping options.
Source Groovydroovy
The public transport system that makes it possible to live without a car, makes everything in London within easy reach and provides the option of a night out without a designated driver. Source Mydestinationunknown
The melting pot of cultures that provides the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. Source Mydestinationunknown

Last Updated 06 June 2017