Swingin' London: Unseen Photos Of King's Road In 1967

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Swingin' London: Unseen Photos Of King's Road In 1967
A queue of people standing outside a red door that says London in bold letters
A bus queue outside London Steak House and Susan Handbags

Jon Kirkwood recently uncovered a box of photographic slides from the 1960s. The images, mostly taken on King's Road Chelsea, capture the capital at the height of "Swingin' London" — the boom of British fashion, music and youth culture that captured the world's imagination.

The photos were taken by Jon's parents and are here published for the first time. A clock in one of the images identifies the date as Monday 7 August 1967.

All images (c) M I Kirkwood 1967. Kodachrome Transparencies.

Mates by Irvine Sellar. This shop was billed as the UK's first unisex fashion company. Sellar made enormous amounts of money and went on to become a developer. He, more than anyone else, was responsible for the development of the Shard skyscraper.
Browsing in a shop window
The alarmingly named Gloryhole Boutique, opposite Paulton Square.
A patriotic sticker that would be much more divisive today.
Unidentified shop
Allsopp, Brindle & Boyle bespoke tailors
Susan Locke and A&A Gordon Ltd
Unknown shop
Small Wonder, next to the Cadogan Arms. Now the John Wood estate agents.
Granny Takes a Trip, famous for its eye-popping exteriors, including this Native American, painted in 1966
Browsing at an unknown shop
Dandie Fashions at 161 King's Road. The Beatles, Hendrix and Bowie were all regular customers. The striped Ziggy Stardust costume came from here.
Antiquarius, billed as the world's largest antiques market
Before it was a motoring show, Top Gear was a leading fashion boutique on King's Road.
This shot is of Carnaby Street, with the junction of Ganton Street. Topper's shoes on the left and Ravel's on the right.
The famous Countdown store. It was next to Top Gear and was also owned by James Wedge and Pat Booth. It was frequented by the Stones and the Beatles.
Sidney Smith, men's clothing store
Perhaps the most famous shop on King's Road, Mary Quant's Bazaar opened in 1955.

Readers may also enjoy browsing this detailed map of King's Road in the 60s and 70s, which was useful in identifying the businesses shown in the photos.

All images (c) M I Kirkwood 1967. Kodachrome Transparencies.