Strange Things Spotted In London

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Strange Things Spotted In London

We've all been there. It's 1.30pm on a Thursday, you're walking along the street at the end of your lunch break, and all of a sudden a stampede of smurfs come round the corner. Where did they come from? Where are they going? Who knows.

And it's not just the fancy dress, London is home to a whole host of weird and wonderful things if you keep your eyes peeled. Have a look at the following photos of strange things people of spotted in this fabulous city.

Poor Cecil
Source Prince of Wales Feather
Even the squirrels are civilised in Putney
Source Handpicked London
Pikachu on a bus.
Source Transport for London
Snotty cobbler in a shop window
Source Buzzfeed
Hartlepool supporters in the underground
Source Worldsoccertalk
A wild otter in Tower Hamlets.
Source Towerhabitats
This bottlenose dolphin is a little far from home
Source Frankswebspace
Source Thepoke
He may have to go through the buggy and families turnstile
Source Thepoke
A raccoon rides the Central line.
Source Felicity Morse
When no-one cares you're dressed as Loki on the tube
Source Brian Clegg
London pub sign
Source Buzzfeed
This guy's got his commute all wrapped up
Source Huffingtonpost
Nothing to see here, just a standard commuter
Source Londonwanderings
A Roman soldier off home after picking up a few things from Shepherd's Bush Market
Source Buzzfeed
You'll see this one if you're catching a train from Euston
Source Buzzfeed
Just a regular afternoon on Kilburn High Road
Source Jess Matthias
Lady with Dress made out of train tickets outside Euston station
Source Arfah
Stormtrooper going southbound.
Source Snapwidget
Nothing unusual to see here
Source Corinthialondon
Did they get their costumes from Topshop?
Source Misskofficial
Free shrugs offered
Source Buzzfeed
Colourless commuters
Source London24
Have a drink, work up a sweat
Source Mattia.maulini
Cheeky fox takes late night tube ride
Source Thaindian
Life's a beach, apparently
Source Tom Pearce
Bench with a message
Source Buzzfeed
Igglepiggle on a casual night out
Source Snapwidget
Half a couch, floating down the River Brent
Source Tim
A group of pandas making their way down the escalator
Source Buzzfeed

Last Updated 10 December 2018