Strange Things Spotted In London

Eleana Overett
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Strange Things Spotted In London

We've all been there. It's 1.30pm on a Thursday, you're walking along the street at the end of your lunch break, and all of a sudden a stampede of smurfs come round the corner. Where did they come from? Where are they going? Who knows.

And it's not just the fancy dress, London is home to a whole host of weird and wonderful things if you keep your eyes peeled. Have a look at the following photos of strange things people of spotted in this fabulous city.

Half a couch, floating down the River Brent
Source Tim
Nothing unusual to see here
Source Corinthialondon
Pikachu on a bus.
Source Transport for London
A wild otter in Tower Hamlets.
Source Towerhabitats
You'll see this one if you're catching a train from Euston
Source Buzzfeed
Did they get their costumes from Topshop?
Source Misskofficial
Stormtrooper going southbound.
Source Snapwidget
Colourless commuters
Source London24
Snotty cobbler in a shop window
Source Buzzfeed
Life's a beach, apparently
Source Tom Pearce
A raccoon rides the Central line.
Source Felicity Morse
This bottlenose dolphin is a little far from home
Source Frankswebspace
Cheeky fox takes late night tube ride
Source Thaindian
London pub sign
Source Buzzfeed
Hartlepool supporters in the underground
Source Worldsoccertalk
Igglepiggle on a casual night out
Source Snapwidget
Lady with Dress made out of train tickets outside Euston station
Source Arfah
Even the squirrels are civilised in Putney
Source Handpicked London
A Roman soldier off home after picking up a few things from Shepherd's Bush Market
Source Buzzfeed
Bench with a message
Source Buzzfeed
Free shrugs offered
Source Buzzfeed
This guy's got his commute all wrapped up
Source Huffingtonpost
Nothing to see here, just a standard commuter
Source Londonwanderings
Have a drink, work up a sweat
Source Mattia.maulini
Source Thepoke
He may have to go through the buggy and families turnstile
Source Thepoke
Poor Cecil
Source Prince of Wales Feather
Just a regular afternoon on Kilburn High Road
Source Jess Matthias
When no-one cares you're dressed as Loki on the tube
Source Brian Clegg
A group of pandas making their way down the escalator
Source Buzzfeed

Last Updated 26 February 2018