Noel Fielding Has Started An Online Art Gallery - And The Submissions Are Amazing

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Last Updated 17 March 2020

Noel Fielding Has Started An Online Art Gallery - And The Submissions Are Amazing

As London's art galleries shutter up in light of the coronavirus, a cape-clad saviour arrives on the scene. His name? Noel Fielding.

The London-born artist, and star of The Mighty Boosh and Great British Bake Off, had the wonderful idea of starting an online Art Club to keep folk occupied while at home.

Every day, people are encouraged to post their homegrown artistic efforts on Twitter, with Fielding and his chums picking a winner. (Although there really are no losers.)

Kids are especially encouraged: their efforts include bird weddings, snow rainbows and parents hanging out with, erm Noel Fielding.

As for the adults — they appear to be even more away with the fairies.

Submissions include a puppet of a cat, made from that cat actual cat hair, dinosaurs eating spaghetti just before being wiped out by a meteorite, and a disc of salami nibbled into a snowflake. I mean, that's the kind of kook Fielding would have come up with in his Boosh days.

Art Club, we reckon, is just the tonic in such times of upheaval.

We also reckon that when they start to reopen, some of London's galleries should consider displaying some of these works. They're already culturally significant, and we'd totally go and see pictures of seagulls with carbon fibre tail feathers, and a crotchet heart jellyfish.

In the meantime, you can check out the submissions — and enter one yourself — tagging @noelfielding11 on Twitter.

Featured image: @safemolly

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