In Photos: The Dark Side Of London's Graffiti

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In Photos: The Dark Side Of London's Graffiti

London's streets aren't short of a bit of graffiti, but sometimes you come across something so random or honest, that it deserves to be shared. Other times, you just come across rude words and penises. It's all in this collection, which isn't entirely safe to be browsing at work.

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Profound graffiti in Hackney
Source Alastair Jamieson
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Source Simon Davis
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Dalston Roof Park toilets
Source Younggoldteeth
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London politics
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Moet graffiti in Surbiton
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My favourite piece of south London graffiti. No fat on this statement whatsoever.
Source Simon Wroe
Olympics themed graffiti
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Blaming Boris in Soho
Source Patrick Dalton
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Guerrilla advertising by Sony down by Royal Albert Dock
Source Cobbie Rowbury
Rebels at work.
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Some graffiti from the British Museum toilets. Maybe a pagan fertility symbol? Certainly not as highbrow as the museum's other exhibits.
Source Patrick Dalton
Sometimes it's a case of using your imagination...
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Is someone trying reverse psychology...?
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Last Updated 07 August 2017