In Photos: London During The Blitz

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In Photos: London During The Blitz

'Black Saturday' marked the beginning of the Luftwaffe's 11 week air raid on London, which became known as the Blitz. Around 20,000 Londoners were killed, and a further 1.5 million were left homeless after relentless day and night attacks. The capital was left unrecognisable, with large chunks of the city in ruin.

The ruins of the City of London from Southwark Bridge to Blackfriars - photo taken from St Paul's Cathedral in 1942
Source Davenant
A market brings colour to the Blitz.
Source Iliketowastemytime
Brewers Hall, 1941
Source He Archive
Bomb damage at St Pancras railway station, May 1941
Source Davenant
The East End bombed in the Blitz - note the Tower of London in the background
Source The Ripper
Damage near Trafalgar Square.
Source History
Queen's Hall in Langham Place during the Blitz
Source Londonhistorian
Londoner, still smiling, recovering his belongings from his bomb-damaged home during the Blitz
Source Old London
A boy sits amid the ruins of a London bookshop after an air raid,1940
Source Old Pics Archive
Women of the Women's Voluntary Service run a mobile canteen
Source Classic Movies
Source Bbc World Service
A milkman walks over rubble while firefighters battle the aftermath of the Blitz
Source History Pics
A lone survivor - Buckea's bakers on the corner of Boswell St and Theobalds Road, Holborn, during the Blitz
Source Davenant
A winter's view of London, still full of ruins from 1942's vicious Blitz
Source Ww2 Tweets From 1942
The Spitfire Boys, Brixton, 1941
Source Old London
Elephant & Castle, 1940
Source Old London
Bomb disposal squad
Source Io9
Bomb disposal squad
Source Flickriver
The bombed site of John Lewis on Oxford Street, which was used for the Army Exhibition.
Source Itv
St George's Cathedral, Southwark, 1942
Source History London
A woman drinking tea in the aftermath of a German bombing raid during the Blitz
Source History in Pictures
Clapham Tram Depot following an air raid
Source Old London
Workers clear rubble from the lot where a home once stood, 1940.
Source Picslist
Traffic moving slowly on an icy Queen Victoria Street. A light dusting of snow softens the bomb damage.
Source Davenant
Children in the East End, made homeless by the Blitz, 1940
Source Lost in History
A messenger boy walking past the entrance to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.
Source Pinterest
A boy points out his bedroom to his friends, after his home had been wrecked during a bombing raid in an eastern suburb of London, 1940
Source Historyphotographed
King George VI and the Queen Consort meeting air raid victims, 1941
Source Old London
September 1940
Source Imperial War Museums
A district messenger boy walking past a bombsite.
Source Thresholdjournal
The wreckage of a bus, which was blasted against a house during the Blitz, 9 September 1940
Source Old Pics Archive
Firefighters dealt with blazes caused by bombing on Queen Victoria Street
Source London Fire Brigade

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