In Photos: London In 1940

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In Photos: London In 1940

One thing is clear from this collection of pictures from 1940 — in the face of adversity, London carried on. We still read our books, sung our songs, posted our letters and went to the pub. As one shopkeeper pictured below rightly put it, it was 'business as usual'.

Children in London celebrate Christmas in an underground bomb shelter, December 25.
Source History in Pictures
Source Old London
The Docklands ablaze after the first mass air raid on London.
Source Yesteryear
A WH Smith bookstore
Source Bibliophilia
Sikh family shelter in the crypt, Christ Church, Spitalfields
Source Old Pics Archive
Woman posting a letter.
Source Jamesbellart
West End book business basement shelter, Bloomsbury.
Source Flashbak
Elephant & Castle, 1940
Source Old London
The wreckage of a bus, which was blasted against a house during the Blitz, 9 September 1940
Source Old Pics Archive
View of a bomber over the London Docks, taken from another bomber, 7th September 1940
Source Old Pics Archive
Prospect of Whitby pub, Wapping
Source Old London
Man sleeping in a stone sarcophagus, Christ Church
Source Sarah Chavez
London Underground station during The Blitz, 1940.
Source London Underground
Source Bbc World Service
Business as usual
Source Old London
Source Old London
Elephant and Castle underground station shelter.
Source Flashbak
London Red Cross volunteers, Hammersmith, 1940
Source Old London
A London bookshop, after a raid on 8 October 1940
Source Historical Pics
Balham Underground station
Source Londonhistorian
Ealing c.1940 with pedestrian lanes to speed people up and avoid bumps in the blackout
Source Davenant
Milkman at work during the Blitz, London, 9 October
Source History in Moments
London Blitz, 21 September 1940
Source Events From 1943
The aftermath of a bomb attack, Autumn 1940.
Source Prof.frank Mc Donough
Cripplegate, 1st September 1940
Source Rob Baker
A bride still manages to get ready for her wedding
Source Battle of Britain
Little girl sitting in the ruins of her bombed home
Source World War Ii History
A wide view of the bomb-damaged shell of the John Lewis department store on London's Oxford Street.
Source Old Pics Archive
Children in the East End, made homeless by the Blitz, 1940
Source Lost in History
Dancers at the Windmill Theatre
Source Old London
A market brings colour to the Blitz.
Source Iliketowastemytime
Bomb damage in Balham results in tube tunnels collapsing, over 60 people killed
Source Imperial War Museums
Police officer during the Blitz, 1940
Source Old London
Readers browsing through the bomb-damaged library of Holland House.
Source History in Pictures
A woman drinking tea in the aftermath of a German bombing raid during the Blitz
Source History in Pictures
Elephant and Castle underground station shelter close up.
Source Flashbak
King's Cross railway station.
Source Old London

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