In Pictures: Islington

Eleana Overett
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In Pictures: Islington

Islington has some of the London's most coveted townhouses, and you'll be parting with a pretty penny to buy property here. The rest of us can enjoy Islington on a more affordable basis by frequenting its eateries and shops. Want to read some interesting facts about the area? check out our article Things You Might Not Know About The Borough Of Islington.

Almeida Passage
Source Lalondonienneaccidentelle
Part of the New River
Source Facehunter
Islington tunnel
Source Tschang
Keeping it green
Source Rhymeswithcoffee
Peep through the weeping willows
Source Sixsevensix
The Screen on the Green cinema
Source Brighton
Home & Pantry, Upper Street
Source Ditut
A red door and a red bus
Source Theonlyhellebelle
Winter styling
Source Jeera
The Drapers Arms
Source Londontheinside
Wisteria ways
Source Jeera
The Elk in the Woods
Source Jeera
No Entry
Source Liminallondoner
Annie's, Camden Passage
Source Siobhaise
Islington Assembly Hall
Source London
Why so serious indeed
Source Peter Uk70
Gordon Gridley Antiques, Camden Passage
Source Siobhaise
Ripplevale Grove
Source London
Chapel Market
Source Coolplaces
Sadie Rose, Upper Street
Source Ditut
Source Brightbazaar
Islington Town Hall
Source Thesilviamick
Upper Street
Source Jeera
Upper Street, Islington
Source Es Kwon
Emirates Stadium
Source Adamsheath
The skylight at Islington Town Hall
Source Mattbooy
Islington Town Hall
Source Notjustagranny
Tunnel at Highbury & Islington station
Source Knitterbird
Source Elensham
Manzes Pie & Mash
Source Londonhistorian
Source Samsette
Hopping Lane
Source Rhymeswithcoffee
See what you tried to do there
Source Flickriver
The Screen on the Green cinema at night
Source Buzzfeed
Source Peter Uk70
Romeo's Gluten Free Bakery
Source Breakfastlondon
Sunset at Highbury & Islington station
Source Susiebubble

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