How To Explore London's Museums And Galleries

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Last Updated 06 January 2023

How To Explore London's Museums And Galleries
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UPDATED with dozens of changes, May 2022.

London is replete with museums and galleries. But there are two problems:

  • The big ones are often too busy to enjoy.
  • The small ones... well, you might not have heard of them.

So we've put this handy chart together to help you discover,some of the smaller venues around town. We've even thrown in images of some of the quirkier exhibits for a few of them.

And, just for a bit of fun, we've added some of the many vanished museums of London, as well as a handful of 'wish list museums' we'd love to see set up.

The best way to browse is to home in on one of the major museums (in red), then follow the arrows around.

Have fun, and let us know if we've missed anything important.