Top 10 London Restaurants You Didn't Know Delivered To Your Door

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Top 10 London Restaurants You Didn't Know Delivered To Your Door

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Cheese-stuffed tortillas from Mestizo.


Mexican restaurant Mestizo make very good burritos here that are more in the Mexican style than the vast, fat, Mission district San Francisco style. The range of fillings includes options such as cochinita — pork roasted slowly with citrus juice and annatto seed which gives a bright red colour. Quesadillas, tamales, nachos and tacos are also available, and we can’t help having a soft spot for guacamole with tortilla chips, which always disappears too fast in front of the TV.

Available in the Euston area. Check Deliveroo site for exact delivery areas.

The Georgian

This independent restaurant serves some of the best Georgian food in town. We love the liberal use of fresh walnuts, vegetables and herbs in Georgian cuisine, alongside richer dishes like the cheese-stuffed bread khachapuri. Make sure to get some ajika on the side – a Georgian chilli sauce you'll want to put on everything.

Available in the Balham area. Check Deliveroo site for exact delivery areas.


The Maroush group have several Lebanese restaurants around town. Menus are long, which can be a bad sign, but not with Maroush. The Lebanese table is typically set with many different dishes, from cold mezza like hommos beiruity (a jazzed up version of hommos with ground chilli and parsley); hot mezza such as kibbeh (minced lamb wrapped in bulghur wheat and deep fried); wonderful Lebanese pastries filled with white cheese, meat or spinach and other classic dishes like fattoush, stuffed cabbage and shawarma.

Available in the Edgware Road, Marylebone and Chelsea areas. Check Deliveroo site for exact delivery areas.

Maroush restaurants.

Xi’an Impression

Regional Chinese cuisine is now happily, finally a ‘thing’ in London and this menu is packed with classics from the Shaanxi province that would have been hitherto virtually impossible to find. There's the popular biangbiang noodle dish which promises to have your forehead glistening thanks to its 'special' chilli sauce, and hand-pulled noodles swimming in an assortment of meaty, brothy and veggie sauces. Xi’an was an important point on the Silk Road, and so the food is the happy result of a mixture of cuisines.

Available in the Islington area. Check Deliveroo for exact delivery areas.

Xi'an Impression. Photo: Lizzie Mabbott.


Ganapati is one of south east London’s best south Indian restaurants, and it’s been going great guns from a little corner site in Peckham long before the trendies starting moving in. The food is characterised by aromatic flavours such as mustard seeds and curry leaves and the spicing is always bang on. We love their ‘vegetarian street snacks’ starter, which consists of a bonda (spiced potato ball) and vadai (spiced lentil patty) served with chutneys, and their crab thoran, which is the meat stir fried with spices, fresh coconut and spiced yoghurt chutney. They do serve some chicken and lamb dishes, but mainly vegetables and fish, and we think that’s where they really excel. Their parathas are some of the best examples we’ve ever eaten, and their lassis are made with homemade yoghurt.

Available in the Peckham area. Check Deliveroo site for exact delivery areas.

A thali at Ganapati. Photo: Ewan Munro.

Cinnamon Soho

Cinnamon Soho is an Indian-British fusion restaurant, an offshoot of the higher end Cinnamon Club in Westminster. One of our bugbears with the place has always been the oddly shaped corridor-like restaurant, which makes receiving the food as a delivery just that bit more satisfying. Dishes include whole pomfret with picked vegetables and coriander chutney, spiced lamb fillets with lime salt, and masala mash - something executive chef Vivek Singh came up with when the restaurant opened. It has remained on the menu ever since.

Available in the Mayfair area. Check Deliveroo site for exact delivery areas.


Unfailingly fresh and flavourful, Sushinoen has an impressive takeaway menu that combines standalone sushi pieces (we're in love wth the pink lady salmon rolls) with combined sets and platters ideal for sharing. Although the concept of 'sharing' is easier said than done until you're faced with a beautiful array of maki rolls and nigiri pieces that you'd really rather have all to yourself. Just don't split the tempura prawns — they're too good not to devour whole.

Available in the Whitechapel area. Check Deliveroo site for exact delivery areas.

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen

African flavours are finally getting noticed in London and at Zoe’s you’ll find tilapia fillets with baobab-infused butter, and classic West African dishes like jollof rice, which is rice cooked with tomato and chilli to make a rich and satisfying dish. There's also a range of Ghanaian beers, palm wine and desserts like puff puff — a Ghanaian doughnut rolled in sugar and cinnamon.

Available in the Brixton area. Check Deliveroo site for exact delivery areas.

The Joint

They make it simple for you at this Brixton barbeque joint: a short menu with limited choices, and all of them winners. Bun or wrap? Pulled pork or chicken? BBQ or Asian? And just how many of their excellent side orders (piping hot hush puppies, crunchy fries, deep-fried mac and cheese...) can one person legitimately get through themselves?  

The trouble is, everything's so damn good it's still hard to narrow it down. The meats are both slow-cooked into juicy, falling apart heaps. The BBQ version comes with slaw and candied bacon, rich with mapley flavours, but the Asian version's zingy with ginger and chilli. The only decision we can make easier for you is the vessel — choose the bun over the wrap every time. It's a sweetish, fluffy brioche (trust us, it works) that soaks in the meaty, barbeque-or-gingery juices a treat.

Available in the Brixton area. Check Deliveroo site for exact delivery areas.

Bone Daddies

First came the trend for ramen, then came ramen delivered to your door. The classic tonkotsu version is a 20-hour pork bone broth with Clarence Court egg, chashu pork, spring onion, bamboo and bean sprouts and it’s an intense, milky example. A big bowl of this, plus some gyoza on the side (chicken and prawn, or pork and truffle, perhaps) and you’ll be as warm and contented as a cat in front of the fire.

Available in multiple locations including Old Street, Soho and Kensington areas. Check Deliveroo site for exact delivery areas.

Tonkotsu ramen.

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