London's Top 10 Burgers... Delivered To Your Door

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London's Top 10 Burgers... Delivered To Your Door

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Bleecker Black, anyone?

There was a time, not so long ago, when trying to find a decent burger in London meant darkening the doors of a McWimpy King wearing glasses and a false moustache. It’s easy to dismiss the arrangement of patty, bun and condiments as ‘just a sandwich’ but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to get right. London chefs and their customers started to look at the details of burgers with a more discerning eye, and Londonestablished itself as a city where it’s possible to eat some of the best in the world.

Burgers tend to hit the spot most when we’re in need of a comfort food blanket, which unfortunately also means those times when the idea of moving off the sofa seems akin to scaling the north face of Everest in the nude. Until recently, it was tough luck, but now, it’s possible to get some of the best burgers in London delivered direct to your front door. Here they are.

Bleecker St. Burger

Bleecker is London burger royalty. Named after founder Zan Kaufman’s favourite street in Manhattan, these burgers are New York style, and the result of some serious, dedicated research. The foundation of any good burger is of course the beef, and Bleecker sources its from rare-breed, grass-fed herds. The bun is seeded and the cheese is the proper American kind. The peak example of creative genius is surely the Bleecker Black, which comes with the addition of a layer of crumbly black pudding betwixt two patties.

Available to order in Canary Wharf and Spitalfields areas. Check Deliveroo website for exact delivery areas.

Beer + Burger

Beer + Burger: ready to be rushed to your door.

We know this is a big claim, but we also know, in our souls, that the Bacon Cheeseburgers at this Willesden Green — and now Dalston — restaurant are the best in London. If you live in its delivery zone and can order one of their burgers, side of fries, a couple of rough-edged, gloweringly dark ales or summer-bright IPAs whenever you like — then you, my friend, are the only person allowed to use #blessed unironically.

These guys use two patties in each burger,which cook through faster than a thick wedge of burger, keeping them tender on the outside. Burgers are covered in cheese, "goop" (their signature, sticky sauce), and a high pickle presence that risks ruining all other burgers for you. Treat the Double Cheeseburger with reverence and caution — it's four patties, double everything and 100% certainty you'll want to be horizontal on a sofa afterwards.

Available for delivery in Willesden Green and Dalston. Check Deliveroo website for exact delivery area.

Lazy Hunter

If you wanted to give this Kentish Town restaurant a corner of America to belong to, you could point to the beans-and-roasted-hog or the venison, sausages and seasoned potatoes everywhere and call it Southern. The menu reads like a chapter of Cold Mountain — has to be untold points in its favour, right? — and the venison burger or Dark Forest Hog's Burger take the mountain-and-woodland food to the next level: the latter with slices of roasted hog, thick bacon, mushrooms, caramelised onion chutney and chestnuts.

Available for delivery in Kentish Town, check Deliveroo website for exact delivery area.

Baba G's

These guys are now old timers on the London street food scene; one of the originals and also one of the best. They take a different approach to any other burger joint we know of, with a selection of Indian spiced burgers. It’s a concept that could just be plain rubbish if they didn’t pull it off so with such style. The lamb jalfrezi burger is our favourite — toasted lamb mixed with cumin, mint, coriander and chilli. The meat is wrapped up in a naan-style black sesame and onion seed bun, and topped with mint and cumin raita, tomato, coriander, tomato and onion salsa and fresh mango pulp. It’s fresh, it’s fancy, but it also really hits that comfort food spot.

Available for delivery in Camden and Brixton, check Deliveroo website for exact delivery area.


The Meatliquor group is known for its huge, messy and outstandingly delicious burgers which, once eaten, just nag at you to eat another. We remember when Yianni Papoutsis was serving up burgers from a van in an industrial estate in Peckham, and his attention to detail back then, such as frying chillies in butter, and using a cloche over his patties (a technique then unheard of) mightily impressed us. The green chilli cheeseburger is simply an all-time classic, and the one most capable of rendering us in need of a lie down afterwards. A must-eat.

Various burgers available across London branches, check Deliveroo website for exact delivery areas.

Burger Bear

Burger Bear started its permanent gig with a £36k Kickstarter campaign, and just when we thought we'd heard the last of bacon jam, it went and made it work inside a burger. We’re not a fan of sweet sticky gubbins in burgers as a rule, but this gets the balance of sweet and salty spot on. It’s made with 12 ingredients, and has enough complexity about it to rise above the faddy tides. The meat comes from Peckham’s Flock and Herd butcher (one of the best). In addition to the burgers, it's known for serving up meat to disco beats, so you might want to bust a tune or two at home while you eat. Or you know, just put EastEnders on.

Burger Bear, various locations, see Deliveroo website for exact delivery areas.

Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip burst onto the scene with its creative burgers named after film stars and famous characters, like the filet o fish named for Daryl Hannah, the Heisenburger which came complete with bags of blue rock candy, and the Kevin Bacon, the standard bacon cheeseburger. They’re a dedicated lot, and every garnish, ingredient and finishing touch is carefully perfected. We always look forward to seeing which star will show up on the specials list next. Oh and they're also still really good value.

Lucky Chip, see Deliveroo website for delivery areas.

Dirty Burger

Dirty Burger.

There’s a simplicity about Dirty Burger, which is the secret to its success. They’re pared down compared to many of the other burgers on the market, but then there’s nothing wrong with that. They typically reveal themselves from within their greaseproof paper homes, wrapped up in a mess of stringy cheese. There's something even more satisfying about unwrapping that cheesy parcel of goodness when it's been delivered straight to your door.

Dirty Burger, available in Kentish Town, Shoreditch and branches across London. See Deliveroo website for exact delivery areas.


Alright, there'll be those who don't believe a chicken burger deserves a place on this list. But the Foxlow fried chicken sandwich might just change their minds, a behemoth even by Foxlow's generous standards. Topped with kewpie mayonnaise, a layer of thick richness that somehow doesn't affect the splendid crunchiness, we reckon this holds its own against the — unsurprisingly excellent — standard Foxlow burger (rump, rib and bavette, topped with Ogleshield cheese).

Available for delivery in Chiswick, check Deliveroo website for exact delivery area.

Patty and Bun

Patty and Bun seemed to gain momentum and establish itself quickly as one of London’s best. It deserves recognition first of all for having one of the shiniest buns on the circuit — it’s almost varnished. The meat always comes medium rare and there’s a rare cheese deviation in the form of red leicester that somehow works. The signature touch is the smoky mayo, which is spiked with paprika and mustard — altogether it’s one hell of a juicy number, requiring several million napkins per bite.

Patty and Bun, available in branches across London. See Deliveroo website for exact delivery areas.

Last Updated 21 February 2018

Karl Eastwood

What about The Chosen Bun in Fulham?


I'm surprised that hardly any restaurants offer home delivery, I was recently in Greece and saw that low-end restaurants get most of the revenue by delivering food to homes and workplaces. I guess the costs of paying a driver in London can be significantly higher.

Jimmy W

Ditto. For THE best burger in London, you need to head to Fulham and get a Chosen Bun. You will not find a better burger.


You really needed Homeburger here.

Alexander Smith

No Honest, no Rox Burger...

Andrew Gwilt

Burger King now does deliveries to your door. I rather go to the nearest Burger King to eat. Or even go to Wimpy because Wimpy does the best burgers that they ask you if you dont want salad.