Should King's Road Have An Apostrophe?

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 91 months ago
Should King's Road Have An Apostrophe?

Kings Road or King's Road? Which is correct for the trendy Chelsea thoroughfare?

These two signs on the same road in Teddington show that Chelsea's not the only place that has a problem with the King(')s apostrophe. Photo: Peter Denton

Well, it gets its name from being the road built for the King (King Charles II to be precise — more on that here).

So by that reckoning, the road belongs to the King and should have the possessive apostrophe, making King's Road (or the King's Road, if you prefer) correct.

The message doesn't seem to have got back to the signmakers though, judging by the variety of signs that appear on the street:

Photo: Antony***
Photo: Secret Pilgrim
Photo: Ross Morrison McGill

Similarly, Google Maps seems to contradict itself. The road itself is King's Rd, but the branches of chain stores such as Pandora and Nike appear as the apostrophe-less Kings Road.

Even the brands themselves don't seem sure. On their own websites, Pandora opts for Kings Road while Nike goes with King's Road:

But trust us — King's Road is right.

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Last Updated 15 July 2016