Want To Take Part In Some Performance Art?

Tabish Khan
By Tabish Khan Last edited 97 months ago

Last Updated 29 June 2016

Want To Take Part In Some Performance Art?
Adeline de Monseignat's This Whisper was a lot of fun. Courtesy of the artist and Nahmad Projects, London. Photo: Benedict Johnson

Cork Street has long been famous for its art galleries, but now there's a new kid on the block; its name is Nahmad Projects and it's doing something different.

Not just another contemporary art gallery, Nahmad Projects aims to be more radical. And that's evident in their opening show — a full-on month of performance art.

The gallery is open Tuesdays to Saturday and every day there's a different performance artwork taking place, guaranteeing you'll be kept on the edge of your seat. Visitors will often have the chance to take part.

Young artists inspired by performance artist Tino Sehgal will hold performances inspired by sleeping, shouting and money.

Our experience involved a game of Chinese whispers, with an arty slant. We joined after the experiment had been going on for a few hours. The first we heard it involved an old man who turned into a bird and flew to the Antarctic. When we left 45 minutes later it had become about a woman who likes to paint naked. Quite the change.

When we saw the starting and end point of the experiment at the end of the day, the transformation was huge. It started out as a detailed description of a painting, and ended as a replica of a Lucio Fontana.

We can't say how future days will shape up — that's the whole point of this. But we'd guess there's lots more arty hijinks on the cards.

I Am Not Tino Sehgal: A concept by Francesco Bonami is on at Nahmad Projects, 2 Cork Street, W1S 3LB until 20 July. Entrance is free.

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