Meet A Mermaid And A Lion In Bermondsey

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Meet A Mermaid And A Lion In Bermondsey
Joanna the Mermaid. She sings, she blows bubbles - what more do you want?

Expect to run into some odd characters in Bermondsey from this weekend, as Bermondsey Market Square and High Street are peppered with street performances — including trapeze artists and a mermaid.

It's all part of a new initiative by local artist Frog Morris, who is teaming up with the traders of Bermondsey, to encourage visitors to the area — especially those doing the popular Beer Mile — to pause and pay attention to the market and other local businesses while passing through.

Frog Morris and Darren Callow will sing songs about a famous south London lion

This weekend, Frog and fellow musician and Darren Callow will be hoping to catch the ears of Millwall supporters by singing the true story of the Bermondsey Lion. Says Frog of the Lion: "He has been in Bermondsey much longer than the football club.

"He can be found on buildings around the area and has been an popular local emblem since a royal visit by Richard II in 1399."

On 4 June, Joanna, an all-singing, all-bubble-blowing mermaid will be hidden among the stalls, with Frog handing out treasure maps to help people locate her.

You can catch performances around Bermondsey Market Square and High Street every Saturday throughout the summer from noon-4pm. Shows are free.

Last Updated 24 May 2016