Mysterious London Stone To Go On Show At Museum

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Last Updated 09 May 2016

Mysterious London Stone To Go On Show At Museum

An ancient and obscured piece of limestone has long guarded Cannon Street. It's called simply London Stone (never 'the' London Stone). It might be a Roman milestone or druidic monument. Nobody knows. Very few people ever notice the venerable rock, which has long languished in a woefully unworthy niche opposite the station.

From this Friday, the mysterious artefact will finally get some attention when it goes on show as part of the the Museum of London's War, Plague & Fire gallery.

London Stone was once much larger and more prominently positioned. The monument is mentioned in Shakespeare, and was first referenced in the 12th century. It is undoubtedly much older, and has been incorporated in the foundation myths of our city.

Display at the museum will finally bring London Stone back into public awareness after its long slumber. It will remain at the museum while work is carried out to rebuild its existing home.  

The stone is shifting to the museum for temporary display, while its existing home is knocked down and rebuilt.

See London Stone at the Museum of London from Friday 13 May 2016. Entrance is free.