There's A Kickstarter To Replace Tube Station Ads With Pictures Of Cats

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 38 months ago
There's A Kickstarter To Replace Tube Station Ads With Pictures Of Cats
Imagine this on your commute. Photo by Kathy Archbold from the Londonist Flickr pool.

It's tempting to write this article as "people want to put pictures of cats in a tube station", link to the Kickstarter and have done with it. But for all this is a very ZOMG CATS idea, there are some serious points to be made around reclaiming public space.

The premise

Yes, a group wants to raise money to replace all the adverts on — at least — an entire tube station platform with pictures of cats. If they get more cash pledged, they'll scale up the project and take over as much of a station as they can.

Why the f*** would anyone do that?

Because cats.

No, really, why the f***?

OK, because some people are fed up with the intrusion of advertising into public space. Most of us have no choice but to travel using public transport, and we're presented with a barrage of adverts every time we do. It helps bring in revenue to Transport for London and so (in theory) means we pay less in fares than we would otherwise (yes, you may well laugh bitterly).

Replacing all adverts with pictures of cats isn't just a cute idea (even though it is definitely a cute idea). It's reclaiming a small part of the city when London is increasingly owned by private organisations and sponsorship is everywhere. Some people subvertise or hijack billboards. Others, clearly, want to fill public space with cats.

Dog lovers are entirely free to start their own campaign.

Last Updated 29 April 2016