The Top 10 Home Delivery Restaurants In East London

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The Top 10 Home Delivery Restaurants In East London

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Meatmission's Green Chilli Cheese Burger - available via Deliveroo.

In or around the east London area? Hungry? Here's our food and drinks editor Helen Graves's picks of the very best restaurants that deliver to your door, thanks to Deliveroo.

1. Mangal 2 Ocakbasi

There are many restaurants cooking over coals in London, but Mangal 2 is one of the best. As you would expect from a Turkish grill restaurant, they excel at cooking meat that has been spiced, fashioned onto a skewer and licked with smoke and flame. Their house bread is excellent too, just the right combination of crisp exterior and billowy insides, perfect for swooping through cloud-like whipped yoghurt laced with garlic, or cleaning up those meat juices from the plate.

Order from Mangal 2 Ocakbasi via Deliveroo.

Caribbean flavours at Rudies.

2. Rudies

Rudies is one of London's newer Caribbean restaurants. If it’s jerk you're after, know that the meat is marinated for 24 hours, then cooked over coal and wood chips, for extra smoky flavour. There's seafood too, in the form of 'peppa shrimp' which have nothing to do with the famous pig but are coated in scotch bonnet sauce that is most definitely just for adults.

Order from Rudies via Deliveroo.

3. The Liberty Cheesesteak Company

These guys make authentic Philly cheesesteaks and were the first in London to do so. The sub rolls are soft, long and filled with thinly sliced, juicy steak. There's a choice of cheese, but we recommend going truly authentic with the Cheese Whiz. Is it proper cheese? No. Is it tasty as anything? Yes, yes it is. We’ll leave the onions up to you.

Order from The Liberty Cheesesteak Company via Deliveroo.

Gooey steak sandwiches at The Liberty Cheesesteak Company. Photo: Helen Graves.

4. Gunpowder

This Indian restaurant pumps big flavours from a tiny kitchen. Half the menu is vegetarian, and everything from lamb chops to toasted cheese sandwiches comes whipped with chilli and spice. We particularly love their half head of broccoli, soaked in a mustard-based sauce and grilled, and baby organic tandoori chicken. Indian takeaway just went up a gear.

Order from Gunpowder via Deliveroo.

5. Bad Egg

You'd obviously expect eggs on the Bag Egg menu and they're present, but you'll also find burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, wings, fries… it's all about the comfort food, basically. No apologies. Even the salads sound appealing, mainly because the Caesar salad comes with fried chicken on top. Oh yes.

Order from Bad Egg via Deliveroo.

Boom! The broccoli at Gunpowder.

6. Bluez Souvlaki Fresh

These guys make one of the best souvlaki in London. Forget those honking kebabs, these meat skewers are made with fresh marinades and cooked to order, then served in pitta with salad, tzatziki and (in case you were worried this is health food), chips.

Order from Bluez Souvlaki Fresh via Deliveroo.

7. Keu!

Keu! have got bánh mi, or Vietnamese baguettes, completely nailed. Fresh wisps of pickled vegetables, sticky glazed meats, pate, chilli, coriander – all stuffed into light baguettes. The sandwiches are the best thing at Keu!, with punch and verve that makes them satisfying beyond the sum of their parts.

Order from Keu! via Deliveroo.

Get your Greek on at Bluez Souvlaki Fresh.

8. Meatmission

If it's a burger you want, then look no further than the east London branch of the Meatliquor empire. Their burgers are still up there with the absolute best, despite the tough competition, oozing with that super-juice that is made when things like sauce, fatty beef, cheese and pickles come together in a bun… we're hovering over the order button right now.

Order from Meatmission via Deliveroo.

9. Sichuan Folk

If you fancy something to really kick your tastebuds into next Wednesday, try Sichuan Folk. The cuisines of this Chinese province is characterised by lots of deep red chillies, and numbing peppercorns, which together combine to explosive effect. Cold starters and numerous hot vegetable and meat main courses to share is the way to go about ordering here.

Order from Sichuan Folk via Deliveroo.

Food is light and healthy at Andina. Photo: Andina/Facebook.

10. Andina

Finally, we head to Peru via Andina, famous for serving classic Peruvian food such as ceviche. This dish consists of sliced fish marinated in 'tiger's milk', a combination of citrus, chilli and herbs. There are various tiger's milk flavour combinations, all of them fresh and bright, and in Peru the marinade is believed to be an excellent hangover cure, too. This is the ultimate health food — good for you, yet full of strong flavours.

Order from Andina via Deliveroo.

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Last Updated 16 March 2017