The Top 10 Home Delivery Restaurants In West Hampstead

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The Top 10 Home Delivery Restaurants In West Hampstead

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L’Antica Pizzeria

Popular local restaurant L’Antica makes Neopolitan style pizza. Dough rises over 24 hours and is cooked quickly in a super hot wood fired oven. The hallmarks of this style of pizza are a puffy crust and soft, 'soupy' centre, with a spotted ‘leopard print’ on the base. Toppings are great quality and some come with names to match, like the Sofia Loren (tomato, mozzarella, artichokes, black olives, courgette, aubergines, parmesan, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil) and the Michaelangelo (smoked mozzarella, gorgonzola, porcini mushrooms, speck, parmesan, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil).

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Neopolitan pizza has a distinctive bubbly crust and a 'soupy' centre. Photo: Helen Graves.


We love the focus on street food specialities and tandoor cooked dishes at Guglee, a Hampstead favourite. Intriguing starters include guinea fowl tikka with Kashmiri chilli and tandoori rabbit, while Indian street food snacks include pani puri — hollow pastry puffs filled with chickpeas and chutneys, which burst in the mouth. From the mains, the tandoor cooked Guglee salmon and Kashmiri lamb chops sound excellent.

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Udon Cafe

This good value café serves noodles (as you’d expect from the name), sushi, sashimi and other Japanese classics. We love that Udon will deliver a chicken katsu curry with rice for £7.80 — this mild, sweet curry contains breaded, deep fried chicken, and it’s high up on our list of comfort foods.

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Byron have a new special: The BUNZILLA. Photo: Byron/Facebook


Byron is always a solid choice. Their attention to detail shows in their burgers and we love their specials, which are creative and fun. This time it’s the ‘Bunzilla’ which is Japanese inspired, containing a soy glazed hamburger, miso-roasted bacon, an onion ring, shredded cabbage, wasabi mayo and pickled cucumber. What a delicious monster.

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Yes ok it’s Nando's but also, it’s Nando's! This ever-popular chicken chain now delivers to your door via Deliveroo. We’ll have a half chicken with chilli-garlic sauce and a side of those crushed peas, please. Oh and some corn. Maybe a few chips on the side.

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Hummus is an essential part of any meze spread. Photo: Helen Graves.


At Arabesque you’ll find all the classic meze dishes such as vine leaves stuffed with rice, meat and herbs; falafel with hummus; spinach and cheese pastries, and plenty of sprightly pickles. For main courses there’s shawarma, and a large range of skewered meats. Vegetarian options include stuffed vegetables and fragrant biryanis. Beer is also available. Beer!

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Locanda 311

There’s an emphasis on seafood at this popular Italian restaurant. You can even order a cooked seafood platter at Locanda 311, which comes with a whole lobster, tiger prawns, clams, mussels and squid, cooked in a garlic and white wine sauce. Finish with some cheese and panna cotta and that is one seriously indulgent takeaway.

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Ribs, anyone? Photo: Helen Graves.

One Sixty Farenheit

Named after the optimum temperature for slow cooking meat, One Sixty Farenheit is all about the barbecue. Smoked pork ribs are soft and sweet, and there are hot wings served buffalo style, with blue cheese dip on the side. Burgers are present, of course (everyone must serve burgers nowadays, it’s the law) and it’s clear that this is one for the carnivores, with only a couple of vegetable options present, including Tenderstem broccoli and a green salad.

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Chop Pot

African food is well worth trying if you’re not familiar with flavours such as sweet plantain and fierce West African chilli. Chop Pot's jollof rice is a superb dish of spicy tomato sauce and rice, cooked in the style of a pilaf, and spicy peanut soups come with fufu, which is a sort of paste made with cassava flour, used for soaking up soups and stews.

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Cooking over coals is how it's done at ocakbasi restaurants. Photo: Helen Graves.

Durum Ocakbasi

Durum is the place to satisfy those cravings for smoke infused kebabs and fresh bright salads that the Turkish do so well. Start with some meze, perhaps ispanak tarator, a moreish dip of yoghurt and garlic mixed with spinach, or some califasulye — green beans in special olive sauce. Our favourite main is the adana kebab – a highly spiced ground meat kebab packed with chilli, or the juicy tavuk cis — bouncy cubes of marinated chicken licked with flames from the grill. There are plenty of specials, too, including a nice range of yoghurtlu dishes, which come with yoghurt, tomato and butter sauce.

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